The Kingdom of Costa Luna is the fictional country featured in Disney Channel Original Movies Princess Protection Program. It is a small kingdom and is home to Princess Rosalinda, her family, and staffs.


Not much is know about the country except for some information. Costa Luna is a small island nation. Its government is monarchy with the latest known ruler is Rosalinda's father (the King of Costa Luna) who died sometimes prior to the event of the movie. The only known members of the royal family are Queen Sophia as the queen consort and Princess Rosalinda as the royal princess and heir to the throne. The country official religion is most likely Christianity since Rosalinda is crowned by an archbishop on her coronation. Spanish and English are probably the common languages used in the country.  


  • According to Princess Rosalinda, the country is not included in most maps.
  • Costa Luna literally means "Moon Coast" in Spanish.
  • Costa Luna is neighbour to another fictional country, Costa Estrella which is the country where General Kane come from.
  • The filming took place in Puerto Rico. The Serralles Castle in Ponce was used for the interior and exterior of the Royal Palace while the interior courtyard of Casa De España in the Old San Juan was used for both coronation scenes.
  • The flag of Costa Luna consists of three major colours: yellow, blue, and red.
  • Princess Rosalinda's first surname is Montoya which is also her father's (the King of Costa Luna) according to Spanish naming customs. This would mean that Montoya is possibly the ruling royal house of Costa Luna.
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