Peaceful Woodlands Cottage is one of the major locations of The Brave Little Toaster. It is where Toaster and his friends begin their journey in the film.


The Cottage once belonged to the Master and his family. They would visit the Cottage every summer when he was a young boy. Residing there was also Toaster, Lampy, Radio, Kirby, Blanky, and Air Conditioner, but also T.V., and Refrigerator. The Master loved playing there every summer and in his childhood developed a strong friendship with the aforementioned appliances.

Sadly, as the Master got older, the Cottage sat alone and forgotten, so the appliances awaited their Master's return by keeping the house clean and orderly day after day.

Role in the film

At the start of the film, the appliances have become restless in their wait for their beloved Master, and regularly checked to see if any passing cars belonged to him. One car finally showed up at the house, but to the appliances' horror, it was a salesman setting up a "For Sale" sign on the front lawn. It is this unexpected development that makes the appliances realize that the Master is not coming back, so the Toaster declares that they will go out and find him themselves. Thus, their long journey began.

Unfortunately for the appliances, just as they arrived in the city searching for the Master, the Master shows up at the Cottage with his girlfriend Chris, ironically coming to retrieve his departed appliances for use at college. He came there finding that the house had been ransacked (a result of the appliances' many failed attempts to leave the house). He and Chris restored the Cottage and the Master repaired Air Conditioner, who blew himself up earlier. The Master gazes upon his childhood one last time before leaving the Cottage for good.

The Master eventually does retrieve his beloved appliances and they go off to college together. The Cottage has long since been sold.


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