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Joined the dark side, Dooku has. Lies, deceit, creating mistrust are his ways now.

Count Dooku, also known as Darth Tyranus, is a major antagonist in the Star Wars franchise. Once a Jedi Knight, being the former Padawan of Yoda and Master of Qui-Gon Jinn, Dooku became dissatisfied with the Order and the corruption in the Galactic Republic, and later fell to the dark side of the Force.

After the death of Qui-Gon at the hands of Maul, Dooku became Darth Tyranus, the second apprentice of Palpatine, the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious. During the Clone Wars, Dooku served as the Count of Serenno and head of State of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, leading a pan-galactic secessionist movement against the Republic and the Jedi Order.

As a ruthless Sith Lord, Dooku secretly plotted to kill and overthrow his master, unaware that Sidious had his own plans to replace him with Anakin Skywalker. As such, when the right time came, Palpatine had orchestrated a lightsaber duel between Dooku and Anakin, who defeated and subsequently beheaded Dooku at Palpatine's urgings.


Dooku was born into a rich family on the planet Serenno, and was to become the future Count of his homeworld. However, he instead chose to become a Jedi, training under Jedi Master Yoda before becoming a Jedi Master himself. According to Jocasta Nu, he was one of the finest Jedi that the Jedi Order has ever had. Eventually, he would take an apprentice, Qui-Gon Jinn, who eventually obtained the rank of Jedi Master. He eventually left the Jedi due to the corruption of the Republic. At some point after leaving the Jedi, he became an ally of Darth Sidious, the Sith persona of senator Sheev Palpatine of Naboo. Shortly after Qui-Gon's death at the hands Maul, Sidious (now Chancellor of the Rebublic), who had lost his apprentice Maul, offered Dooku the chance to join him. Tempted by the offer, Dooku became the Sith Lord known as "Darth Tyranus". Dooku then began to rally thousands of star systems to the Separatist cause.


Dooku is high stoic, calm, relaxed, confident, and cunning. Dooku is amoral and highly apathetic, but not incapable of emotional experiences. He was visibly shocked when Jango Fett was killed in the Geonosian Arena by Mace Windu. Dooku is an accomplished philosopher, orator, politician, and warrior.

Even as a child, Dooku felt driven to succeed. He was fully devoted to the ideals of the Jedi Order and the ideal of service to the galaxy. He sought to become a great Jedi Master, and for the vast majority of his life, he did not even consider the possibility of a life outside the Jedi Order. He knew of his heritage as a nobleman and felt self-conscious about it on occasion in his younger days. Dooku chose Jedi Padawans he thought had the potential to become great Jedi themselves and endeavored to teach them all he knew.

In his younger days as a Jedi Master, Dooku showed that he never blindly follows rules and orders without question, always trying to do what is right, even if it means breaking rules or disobeying orders (similar to his apprentice Qui-Gon Jinn and his enemy Anakin Skywalker). Although his methods were more aggressive than his apprentice and since the council does not condone his aggressive methods, Dooku's actions caused him to lose the chance to be passed over as a member of the High Council in favor of Mace Windu.

Dooku had very high expectations of the government as a Jedi, and was viewed by his peers as a "political idealist". He became increasingly disillusioned with the corruption within the Galactic Republic in the period before his defection from the Jedi Order, and eventually held the opinion that the Jedi betrayed themselves by serving the politicians. In particular, he was highly critical of the Jedi Council's handling of the Battles of Galidraan and Baltizaar, as well as their refusal to become involved in the Battle of Naboo. The Council's perceived betrayal of the ideals of the Jedi Order greatly influenced Dooku in his fall to the dark side. Dooku also never forgives betrayal, appearing to have virtually no tolerance for it.

As Tyranus, Dooku became a Humanocentrist. While he remained a connoisseur of alien art and antiquities, he secretly despised most if not all of the aliens on the Separatist Council, though he reserved a measure of respect for the Geonosian Archduke and Separatist Council member Poggle the Lesser. He divided the entire galaxy into two categories: threats and assets. The threat category was for beings or institutions that interfered with his personal advancement and would have to be eliminated. The asset category being for those who could aid, or at least not hinder his advancement. He also had a certain fondness for Obi-Wan Kenobi, partially because he was taught by Dooku's Padawan. This was shown when he asked Obi-Wan to join him in his quest of power and even telling him the truth that the Republic was governed by Darth Sidious, though the Jedi didn't believe him.

By the time of the Clone Wars, Dooku believed that the sorrow and injustice of the galaxy could only be responded to with anger and hate. He came to believe that the Jedi Order should embrace the dark side and rule the galaxy alone without the interference of the Senate. As Tyranus, he planned to transform the Jedi into a Sith Army and intended to forcibly recruit Force-users into its ranks. While often assuming a genteel and civilized manner, Dooku showed no qualms about torturing or ordering the deaths of hundreds of his former comrades, nor about committing any number of atrocities as leader of the Separatists. He was also willing to abandon or even kill his own allies and followers in order to achieve his goals or simply to prove his loyalty to his Sith Master, Palpatine but was secretly planning to betray his master just as Sidious had betrayed and murdered Darth Plagueis.

Dooku is very arrogant, not acknowledging his mistakes, at least for the most part. Every time he used Dun Möch to taunt Anakin, it would backfire, causing him to doubt Dooku's abilities. This just encouraged Anakin to draw on his anger and nearly allowed him to kill Dooku. Eventually, this led to Dooku's death at the hands of Anakin on-board the Separatist flagship Invisible Hand during the Battle of Coruscant. However, at that point, he had been led to believe that Palpatine would come to his aid to turn Anakin to their side or dispose of him. Unfortunately, Palpatine revealed his true motives by ordering his death, which made a shocked and horrified Dooku realize he was never really Sidious's true apprentice, but really Sidious's pawn that had been used from the start was now being discarded. Despite realizing he had been betrayed by his master in the end, he remained silent while not exposing his master's true identify, and was then killed by Skywalker.

Dooku also became annoyed every time his then-apprentice Qui-Gon Jinn, tried to help creatures that he deemed inferior. However, despite his arrogance, he also showed respect to his enemies such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, whom he considered a worthy opponent.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • The Force: Despite his old age, Dooku has an extremely strong connection to the Force. Even though having arrogantly claimed himself to be more powerful than any individual Jedi of his time, Dooku's Force powers were not enough to surpass that of Yoda, Sheev Palpatine, and Anakin Skywalker, at their peaks.
    • Telekinesis: Dooku can telekinetically move objects or other individuals without physically touching them, and he utilizes it for offensive or defensive purposes. His powers allow him to affect small structures, notably damaging parts of a ceiling to rain down debris on his former mentor, Yoda, who caught and discarded them with ease. Dooku was also able to collapse an entire cave entrance on Vanquor to trap Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin inside with several Gundarks.
      • Force Push: Dooku can telekinetically send his opponents flying through the air, causing serious injury or temporarily incapacitating/knocking them unconscious, depending on how much power is unleashed.
      • Force Pull: Dooku can telekinetically pull his opponents or objects towards him.
      • Force Choke: Dooku can telekinetically choke his opponents to either weaken, kill or intimidate them. His proficiency with this power allows him to throttle his targets without looking at them, as he did to Queen Miraj Scintel, who he was still able to fatally injure despite releasing her.
      • Force Grip: Dooku can telekinetically lift his opponents off the ground and into the air, sometimes by the neck, to immobilize them. His powers also allow him to influence the movements of other individuals, as he was able to force the pirate Turk Falso to shoot his comrade while simultaneously choking him, while he performed a similar feat when he made Padmé Amidala aim at and shoot Bec Lawise.
      • Force Levitation: Dooku can telekinetically levitate himself or slow down his fall to the ground.
      • Force Throw: Dooku can telekinetically cause objects and other individuals to be hurled toward a target at an astounding velocity.
      • Force Crush: Dooku can telekinetically crush objects or droids. He was able to destroy the base of a small tower in an attempt to have it fall on a defeated Obi-Wan and Anakin, all while simultaneously locking blades with Yoda, forcing his former master to end the duel while Dooku escaped on his ship.
      • Force Deflection: Dooku can telekinetically redirect incoming attacks such as blaster bolts or Force lightning, with or without his lightsaber, although it is difficult to do so. This allowed him to deflect his own Force lightning that had been redirected back at him by his former mentor, Yoda.
    • Telepathy: Dooku can telepathically communicate with other individuals over small or vast distances. Due to his old Force bond with his former master Yoda, Dooku was able to sense his old master when he went to Moraband.
      • Mind Trick: Dooku can control the minds of other sentient beings, except for individuals with indomitable wills.
      • Taming Beasts: Dooku can control the minds of animals.
    • Power Boost: Dooku can temporarily push past physical limitations and renew his morale, stamina, accuracy and overall battle prowess through sheer concentration and willpower. He notably used this ability to overcome the disabilities caused by his advanced age, increasing his strength, speed, agility, and dexterity to unnatural levels.
    • Force Jump: Dooku can jump or leap at great distances.
    • Force Dash: Dooku can move at amazing speeds.
    • Force Lightning: Dooku can create and project lightning from both his hands to torture or kill his opponents. He was notable able to levitate and repel targets using his lightning in a similar manner to telekinesis.


  • Master Lightsaber Duelist: Despite Dooku's old age, he is an extremely skilled lightsaber duelist. Dooku was considered to be one of the Jedi Order's best duelist with Mace Windu being his equal and Yoda being the only one to surpass him. He is one of the few Jedi during years of the Republic who ever mastered all known lightsaber combat forms. Dooku was even able to fight on par against Yoda, although he was well aware that he couldn't defeat his former master. He was able to defeat Master Yaddle and defeated both Obi-Wan and Anakin multiple times. Dooku's dueling skills are so great that he managed to hold against Ventress, Karis, and Naa'leth (two of the Nightsister best warriors) while they were cloaked and his senses were dulled by Ventress' poison dart.
    • Form I: Dooku is extremely skilled in Shii-Cho.
    • Form II: Dooku is a master of Makashi, using it exclusively. He considered by many to be the most proficient practitioner of the style. He managed to effectively use it making up for its weaknesses, most notably overcome its weaknesses against blaster-wielding foes and dueling multiple opponents at once.
    • Form III: Dooku is extremely skilled in Soresu.
    • Form IV: Dooku is extremely skilled in Ataru, having been taught by Yoda, a master of this form. He later taught Qui-Gon Jinn this form.
    • Form V: Dooku is extremely skilled in Shien/Djem So.
    • Form VI: Dooku is extremely skilled in Niman, applying Force attacks in his lightsaber sequence.
    • Form VII: Dooku is extremely skilled in Juyo, although he rarely uses it.
    • Dun Möch: Dooku is extremely skilled in Dun Möch.
  • Genius-Level Intellect/Master Tactician/Leader: Dooku is highly intelligent and wise. As a Jedi, he was one of the best negotiators in the Order. As a Sith General, Dooku is a highly skilled tactician and a very capable leader.

Weapons and Equipment[]


Dooku's valued weapon and possession is his blue, later red-bladed lightsaber. Dooku's curved-hilt lightsaber was made out of Solid Heavy-Duty metal and Black alloy.

  • First Lightsaber: Dooku had built his first lightsaber during his time as a Jedi Padawan. It would remain in his possession until he became a Jedi Knight. Eventually, Dooku replaced this weapon with his second lightsaber, a superior lightsaber with a personalized design.
  • Second Lightsaber: Dooku's unique lightsaber was a curved-hilt dual-phase lightsaber. He had built it shortly after becoming a Jedi Master and it had originally a blue colored blade. When Dooku left the Jedi Order, he took his lightsaber with him. Upon he joining the Sith Order, Dooku converted his weapon into a Sith lightsaber by replacing the original blue crystal with a scarlet synthetic gem, improving the blade's cutting power at the expense of maneuverability, turning it into a red-bladed lightsaber. It would remain in Dooku's possession until his death and the curved-hilt lightsaber was eventually destroyed when it entered the planet atmosphere of Coruscant.


As a Jedi[]

Dooku possessed Force sensitive abilities after his birth, which scared his father in particular, who deemed him a freak. His parents them gave him to the Jedi. Dooku would grow up and spend many years in the Jedi Order. he was apprenticed to the legendary Grand Master of the order Yoda. After eventually becoming a Jedi master himself, he took on Qui-Gon Jinn as his apprentice. He also went on missions with Mace Windu, one of which landed Windu's place in the Jedi Council due to Dooku not following Jedi protocol.

Aiding Sidious[]

At some point, he was approached by Sith Lord Darth Sidious. After spending many years in the Jedi, however, Dooku grew disillusioned with the corruption in the Senate and felt the Jedi were too involved in politics, which prompted him to leave the Jedi Order. Sidious used Dooku's frustration with the Republic to recruit him to his cause which Dooku believed would saved the Republic. While not Sidious's apprentice, Dooku was his ally. Knowing that Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas, who had been friends with Dooku throughout their time in the Jedi order, contacted Kamino to place an order for the Clone army, Dooku and Sidious decided they needed to take control of the army to destroy the Jedi. As such, Dooku betrayed and orchestrated his friend's death, and the Sith lords took control of his army. He also reclaimed his title as Count of Sereno.

Encountering Qui-Gon[]

Dooku visited the Jedi Temple and secretly entered the Jedi Archives, where he used Sifo Dyas's authorization to erase data on the existence of the planet Kamino, where the clone army Dyas had ordered was being developed. After doing so, he noticed commotion between the Jedi within the archives and asked Jedi archivist Jocasta Nu about it, who informed him that his former Padawan Qui-Gon Jinn had encountered with an alleged Sith Lord on the Outer Rim Territories planet Tatooine. Dooku commented to her that Qui-Gon had an active imagination, which Nu reminded Dooku he once had. Remarking that such a quality was valued a lot less in the Jedi Temple, Dooku left the Archives and found his way to Qui-Gon, who was walking through the Temple halls with Master Yaddle, to ask him about the supposed Sith Lord he had encountered.

Dooku guessed correctly that the Jedi Council had not wanted to believe that conclusion, adding that he had been warning them about the coming darkness for years and they had never taken him seriously. Yaddle, a council member, spoke up and insisted that, though she did not doubt his claim, they had found no reason to cause undue alarm, adding that the advice and decision of the Council was to be cautious until they knew more. While neither Qui-Gon nor Yaddle were aware of Dooku's firsthand knowledge, the former Jedi warned them, especially Qui-Gon, to act with caution when encountering a Sith, reminding his former Padawan that he would no longer be there to protect him. Qui-Gon assured him that his Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi, whom Dooku had let to meet but wanted to due to Qui-Gon's high praise of the young man, looked out for him. After Qui-Gon left, Yaddle noticed Dooku appeared conflicted, leaving the two to muse about how quickly their students grew up before Dooku left.

Committing to the Sith[]

After Qui-Gon Jinn's death during the Invasion of Naboo, Dooku briefly visited the Jedi Temple on Coruscant once again prior to Qui-Gon's funeral and visited the temple's Great Tree to reflect on his death, as he had taken a young Qui-Gon to the tree often, the boy being fascinated by it because he had been born on Coruscant and had known nothing like it. He recounted this to Master Yaddle, who had approached him there. and Yaddle informed him that Qui-Gon's funeral was to be held on Naboo and that the council would be traveling to attend, but Dooku informed her that he would not be attending, as he believed his presence would not be enjoyed or welcome. She asked if he blamed the council for Qui-Gon's death, but Dooku only said that he had become one with the Force and it was thus time to let him go. Yaddle asked if he was capable of doing this, but Dooku said he had no other choice. Dooku then left and traveled to his and Sidious's meeting place in The Works industrial zone on the planet to confront Sidious, furious that his ally's machinations had resulted in the death of his former apprentice.

Confronting the Sith lord, Dooku accused Sidious of making him betray everything and everyone he had known. Sidious claimed that all of Dooku's actions had been in the service of a greater good and that his betrayal had been a necessary evil. Unbeknownst to Dooku, Yaddle had followed him in secret; after overhearing his conversation with Sidious, she confronted them and urged Dooku to surrender to her and help her defeat Sidious. Dooku hesitated initially but then, on Sidious's orders, engaged Yaddle in a lightsaber duel as a final test of loyalty. In spite of Yaddle's great effort, Dooku's nigh-unrivalled dueling capabilities quickly began to overwhelm her. Managing to hide behind Sidious' ship, Yaddle called out to Dooku, admitting that the Jedi Council had been wrong and informing him that as a result, she had chosen to step down from the body. Her last attempt at persuading Dooku failed, however, as he used the Force to shove away the ship that separated them. After another short exchange of blows, Yaddle retreated to the doorway leading back to her ship. As Dooku mocked her for "running back to the Council", Yaddle retorted the he had run straight into the arms of evil.

Angered, Dooku attacked Yaddle with greater ferocity and knocked her into the frame of the large doorway, temporarily stunning the much smaller Jedi Master. Dooku wasted no time and flipped the lever controlling the door, which came crashing down onto his former friend. Collapsing in anguish over what he had just done, Dooku was reassured by Sidious, who congratulated his new apprentice. To their shock, Yaddle suddenly reappeared, lifting the doorway off of herself in one final display of her immense Force power, which sapped her of remaining energy. Lying defenseless and exhausted at Dooku's feet, Yaddle stated that many would suffer under Dooku's scheme for galactic order. Dooku replied sarcastically that he would give Yaddle peace, then impaled her with his lightsaber, killing her instantly. Sidious then formally anointed Dooku as his new Sith apprentice and gave him the name Darth Tyranus, which Dooku deemed to be a formidable name worthy of his power.

As a Sith[]

Dooku selected bounty hunter Jango Fett to be the template for the Clone army. Dooku and Sidious gained control of a biochip that Dyas wanted instilled in each Clone as a safeguard against rogue Jedi's, and the two Sith Lords then retooled the chip to contain a protocol that would allow Sidious to compel the Clones to destroy the Jedi. Dooku presented the chip to the Kaminoans and deceived them into believing Sifo-Dyas's intentions. Dooku also began a Separatist movement in the Galaxy under the command of his Master, Darth Sidious.


Count Dooku in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones'.

10 years later, when Obi-Wan Kenobi was tracking Jango Fett, to the planet of Geonosis, he found that Dooku was creating a new droid army and recruiting politicians, among them being Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray, who wanted revenge on the former Queen Padmé Amidala for his defeat during the Invasion of Naboo. He reported to the Jedi Council but was captured by Geonosians. While he was captured, Dooku attempted to turn him to the dark side. Obi-Wan talked to Dooku, who refused working with the Sith, to which Dooku reminded Obi-Wan that he trained his master, Qui-Gon Jinn, who had been killed by Darth Maul during the Battle of Naboo. When Obi-Wan remained stubborn, Dooku revealed that a Sith Lord was controlling the Senate, but that the dark side of the Force had clouded the Jedi's vision. Obi Wan refused to join him, leading to Dooku to say securing his release would be difficult.

After Obi-Wan's apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, and Senator Padmé Amidala failed to rescue him, Dooku sentenced all three to death in the arena. He was overwhelmed when the trio broke free and killed the monsters that were supposed to kill them. However, he was prepared and brought out some destroyer droids to kill them instead. Master Windu came with a strike team of Jedi to rescue the three. At one point Jango Fett was killed by Mace, much to Dooku's shock. They were all surrounded again by numerous battle droids, but were saved by Master Yoda and an army of clone troopers. Dooku fled the arena and returned to a command center, where he monitored the battle with Nute Gunray, Poggle the Lesser, and other Separatist leaders. When Gunray decides to escape with his Lucrehulk-class Core Ships before they can be taken down by the Republic's clone army while still on the ground, Poggle hands Dooku the blueprints for what the Separatists dubbed the "Ultimate Weapon", that being the schematics for the future Galactic Empire's dreaded Death Star, warning Dooku that if the Republic found out about it, the Confederacy would be doomed. Dooku assures Poggle that the blueprints will be safe with Sidious back on Coruscant.

Eventually, he left to return to Coruscant but was spotted by Anakin and Obi-Wan as he attempted to flee to a hangar. Both Jedi pursued him, but lost Padmé on the way, who fell out of the ship (though the ship was hovering above ground, so she wasn't seriously hurt) when it took some damage from flak from the pursuing Geonosian fighters. In anger, Anakin charged at the Sith Lord, allowing Dooku to zap him with Force lightning and briefly injure him. Obi-Wan was calmer, deflecting the lightning and engaging the Sith in combat, but Dooku wounded him with his lightsaber and Anakin returned with his and Obi-Wan's lightsabers. Dooku managed to disarm Anakin of one of the blades, but Anakin fought on with the second. Eventually, Dooku broke off briefly to assess Anakin's strength. Returning to the duel, Dooku cut off Anakin's right arm and prepared to kill them both, but Yoda arrived and confronted him. Despite Dooku's obvious power, Yoda quickly proved to be both stronger in the Force and more skilled with a lightsaber; he deflected all of Dooku's Force attacks with ease and quickly seized the upper hand in the ensuing lightsaber duel. Unable to defeat Yoda, and worried of incoming Republic reinforcements, Dooku distracted the ancient Jedi Master by nearly causing a pillar to fall on Anakin and Obi-Wan, forcing Yoda to save them while Dooku fled, escaping in his personal solar sailer, even as it was fired on by Padmé and several clone troopers who had arrived to reinforce the Jedi.

Dooku went to Coruscant to meet with his master, Darth Sidious, whom he gave the plans to their new weapon: the Death Star. He also informed him that the Clone Wars had begun, setting the Republic on a path to becoming a ruthless dictatorship as the future Empire.


Count Dooku fought Obi-Wan and Anakin once more three years later on General Grievous' flagship, the Invisible Hand. Grievous had captured Chancellor Palpatine and Dooku fought to make sure the Chancellor was not rescued. The Jedi used lesser styles to lull him into a false sense of confidence, before suddenly switching to more advanced styles to catch him off guard. Adjusting to this feint, Dooku took out Kenobi first and caused a balcony to fall on him and taunted Anakin as the battle continued between the two of them, as he had sensed Anakin was holding back, lest he give in to anger. An enraged Anakin eventually cut off both his hands and took his lightsaber as a souvenir. Palpatine, who had been behind Palpatine's capture to lure Anakin to the dark side and have him kill and replace Dooku, betrayed his apprentice by ordering Anakin to kill him. Dooku was shocked and horrified that his master ordered his death, as this was never part of the plan as he knew it. He then realized that he was nothing but Sidious's tool the entire time, and was now being discarded. After initial hesitation, Anakin brutally decapitated Dooku; Count Dooku's last thought was: "the way of the Sith is treachery".


This was Anakin's first cold-blooded murder, unknowingly paving the way for him to succeed Dooku as Palpatine's new apprentice as Darth Vader. Although Anakin expressed guilt for killing Dooku, stating that it was not the Jedi way, Palpatine assured and congratulated Anakin, stating that Dooku was too dangerous to be kept alive and saying Anakin's killing of Dooku was only natural in revenge for Dooku cutting off Anakin's arm, reminding Anakin of when he sought revenge on the Tusken Raiders for his mother's death. Anakin would become Palpatine's third apprentice as Darth Vader. Palpatine ordered the Clone army to Order 66, the latter being his protocol to destroy the Jedi Order. Due to the biochips that Dooku had implanted in the Clones activating upon Sidious issuing the order, the Clones were forcibly brainwashed into turning against the Jedi. The Clones and Vader proceeded to defeat and nearly destroy the Jedi Order.

23 years after his death, Vader was defeated by Luke, which was then followed by Sidious betraying Vader in a similar manner he betrayed Dooku, by ordering Luke to finish him off. However, Luke refused, which played a role in Vader redeeming himself by destroying Sidious.


The Disney Wiki has an article focusing on the relationships of Count Dooku.


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  • In the original drafts for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Dooku was to have been revealed by Palpatine to have orchestrated the Tusken Raiders' abduction and murder of Shmi Skywalker, Anakin's mother. However, this was written out because of the way it interfered with the dynamic of the duel.
  • George Lucas has stated that Palpatine tricked Dooku by telling him that if Anakin could defeat Dooku, Palpatine would intervene to stop the duel, and have Anakin join them. However, in truth, this was only a ruse for Palpatine to gain Anakin as his true apprentice.
  • He acts as a foil to his master, Emperor Palpatine. While Anakin Skywalker was led to believe that Dooku was too dangerous to be left alive, but Dooku ultimately had redeeming qualities that might had led to his redemption. Emperor Palpatine in contrast was completely evil and would never redeem himself, being ultimately the one who was too dangerous to be left alive, as he was even plotting Jedi genocide.

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