Country Bear Hall is the main location of the film The Country Bears.

The Hall set was completely built out on Disney's Golden Oak movie ranch and still stands to this day under the name Golden Oak Hall.


The hall is located in Pendleton, Tennessee and served as a home base and primary off-tour performance venue when the Country Bears were still together.

In the years after the band's break-up, the band's manager Henry Dixon Taylor and technician/groundskeeper Big Al have been living at the hall, running tours through the historic theater and the largest collection of Country Bear memorabilia in the world. However, the band's fade into obscurity resulted in a sharp decline in attendance and upkeep, with a desperate Henry cutting ticket prices down all the way to 25 cents.

It was close to facing demolition from Reed Thimple due to a debt of $20,000, but luckily, it was saved by Beary Barrington getting the band back together for a benefit concert, Rip Holland somewhat promoting the show, and Big Al's help in stalling Thimple and letting the crowds in from the back.


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