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The Coven System is a magic system that appears in the Disney Channel animated series The Owl House. It was founded by Emperor Belos to categorize magic into specific disciplines, and is made up of witches that specialize in a specific form of magic.


In the beginning, Witches of the Boiling Isles use to wield and mix magic freely until Emperor Belos came to power. He taught that mixing magic was wrong and only he had that right. To restrict the use and knowledge of magic, he created the coven system, restricting all witches to study and master only one type of magic. Those who refused to follow the coven system would be declared wild witches, who would face harsh punishments.

When witches join a coven, their arms are branded with a coven's sigil, which seals away all their magic, except for the one of their chosen coven. Some Covens are more highly-regarded than others, and the highest-ranking of all is the Emperor's Coven, the only coven whose members have access to all kinds of magic.

Each of the nine covens is led by a powerful witch who excelled at one of the nine main types of magic. The main nine covens also each have a respective relic on display in Emperor Belos' Castle.

List of Covens

There are nine main covens along with several others. The educational system trains young witches along scholastic tracks that prepare them for membership in their chosen coven. Each coven and their respective track has an identifying color and sigil associated with it.

Emperor's Coven

Emperor's coven.png
The highest-ranked coven in the Coven System. It serves directly under Emperor Belos and enforces his will across the Boiling Isles, functioning as law enforcement and the judicial system. Not considered one of the "main nine", but essentially rules over them all.

Main Nine

Abomination coven.png
Bard coven.png
Beast Keeping coven.png
Construction coven.png
Healing coven.png
Illusion coven.png
Oracle coven.png
Plant coven.png
Potions coven.png
Abomination Bard Beast Keeping Construction Healing Illusionist Oracle Plant Potions


  • A "coven" refers to a group or gathering of witches that meet on a regular basis. It can also refer to a secret or affinity group of associates.


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