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Crash & Bernstein is a live-action television comedy with puppetry which premiered on October 8, 2012 on Disney XD. Created by Eric Friedman, the series centers around a teenaged son, among three sisters, who wishes to have a brother. His wishes come true when a puppet brother he creates named Crash comes to life. Production for the series began in May 2012. On November 9, 2012, Disney XD extended the series' first season to 26 episodes. After the last episode aired on August 11, 2014, the series was cancelled, thus ending its two-year run.

Sesame Street and Muppets performer Tim Lagasse starred as the voice and puppeteer for Crash.


For his birthday, Wyatt Bernstein is taken to a Build-A-Bestie store where he creates a puppet that he names Crash, who comes to life as the brother he always wanted. Crash and Wyatt must deal with three sisters of various ages at home, as the two might have their differences like other brothers do, but they still have each other's back.


Main characters

  • Crash (performed by Tim Lagasse) is a puppet-like character that was created at the time of Wyatt's visit to Build-A-Bestie. Lagasse is assisted in performing Crash by Paul McGinnis, who operates the arms, legs, and props of Crash.
  • Wyatt Bernstein (Cole Jensen) is a 12-year-old boy, among three sisters, who wishes to have a brother. This results in Wyatt building Crash at Build-A-Bestie.
  • Cleo Bernstein (Landry Bender) is one of Wyatt's sisters who shares a room with him. She is a money-making schemer who makes products for her "company" called CLEO. She dreams of becoming a CEO one day.
  • Amanda Bernstein (Oana Gregory) is Wyatt's older sister who often gets annoyed at Crash's shenanigans and how Pesto has a crush on her. She is sometimes distracted by her beauty.
  • Pesto (Aaron Landon) is Wyatt's best friend who has a crush on Amanda. Pesto's parents own Iconic Arcade which is where he works. During the beginning of the show he used to hate Crash, but now seem to be somewhat of friends.

Recurring characters

  • Jasmine Bernstein (McKenna Grace) is Wyatt's youngest sister, who owns a doll named Princess Glitter that Crash is in love with.
  • Scottie (Curtis Harris) is one of Wyatt's friends at school.
  • Mr. Poulos (Danny Woodburn) is the landlord of the Bernstein's apartment building. Mr. Poulos carries around a swear jar which he swears into so that nobody can hear his profanity.

Series overview


Season 1

# Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers
Short Summary
1 Crash Lands Bruce Leddy Eric Friedman October 8, 2012 0.63 Wyatt builds a puppet at the Build-A-Bestie store as the puppet named Crash comes to life, and the two "brothers" plan to get Wyatt his own room. Crash tries to talk to Mel, but she disagrees and tries to get Amanda to leave. The plan goes awry when Crash cuts the wall of Wyatt's side of the room as the two argue. Crash leaves when Wyatt says he doesn't want a brother who just destroys things. Crash then goes to the arcade to apologize to Wyatt and promises he won't cause anymore trouble. Crash then takes responsibility for the wall. The apartment's landlord Mr. Poulos (Danny Woodburn) gives Crash a job to destroy the Build-A-Bestie store, unless Crash gets to bring Wyatt.
2 Scaredy Crash Robbie Countryman T. Sean Shannon October 15, 2012 0.46 Crash tries to help Wyatt conquer his fear of insects (after he put a tarantula in his mouth), but then Crash develops a fear of moustaches after getting a shot at the doctor's office. Meanwhile, Amanda sees "Bloody Butcher 2: Chop House of Gore" (a horror movie revolving around a murderous butcher) and develops a phobia for meat and anything that has to do with butchery even though Mel claimed to have seen it. When Mel does see the movie, she has the same reaction that Amanda had.
3 Coach Crash Bruce Leddy Jim Armogida & Steve Armogida October 22, 2012 0.47 Crash becomes the coach of Wyatt's basketball team and ends up benching Wyatt. Meanwhile, Amanda tries to raise money to obtain a specific item.
4 Educating Crash Bruce Leddy Mike Larsen October 29, 2012 0.57 Wyatt takes Crash to school and Crash thinks it is prison, because he watched an all-night marathon about prisons. Crash takes on The Slapper (the meanest kid in school) which makes him and Wyatt popular. However, Crash gets in trouble with Vice-Principal Takashi (Karen Maruyama) after pulling the fire alarm and Wyatt takes the blame for Crash. At home, Crash has nowhere to sleep and has had to sleep on half of Cleo's mattress.
5 Party Crasher Robbie Countryman Ryan Levin November 5, 2012 0.76 Pesto wants Crash's and Wyatt's help to get him into a high school pool party to which Amanda has been invited. Wyatt over-compliments Amanda and she gets him invited. Crash thinks he has ruined his and Pesto's chances after spilling a drink into the party host's bike helmet, but confesses and all are invited.
6 Home Alone... With Crash Bruce Leddy David Nichols November 12, 2012 0.69 Crash convinces Amanda to go to the arcade and tutor a student, leaving him and Wyatt in charge. Jasmine manages to get stuck in wall vent during a game of hide and seek and Mr. Poulos has the only keys for the other end to get her out after he accidentally locked her in. Wyatt and Crash attempt to steal them and get caught, but the kids are able to free Jasmine. Mr. Poulos threatens to call Mel, but doesn't after Wyatt blackmails him by mentioning that the part with Jasmine getting locked in the wall vent happened on his watch. Crash and Mr. Poulos then spend an evening on the balcony acting like southern gentlemen as Mel tries to join them.
7 Motorcycle Crash Bruce Leddy Eric Friedman November 26, 2012 0.60 Both Crash and Pesto want to be Wyatt's one and only best friend—whichever two friends get the highest score from the retiring arcade game at Iconic Arcade, they get their picture on the Hall of Fame. Meanwhile, Crash tries to help Cleo cover up the damages to the couch their fighting caused before Mel finds out.
8 Undercover Crash Rich Correll Ryan Levin January 14, 2013 0.41 Wyatt teaches Crash that taking items belonging to other people is wrong. They return the stolen items including some from the arcade where they encounter Doris, an elderly con artist asking for donations there.
9 System Crash Rich Correll Tiffany Lo & Ethel Lung January 21, 2013 0.49 Just as Crash becomes obsessed with technology and the Internet from the Bernsteins teaching him about it, an intense windstorm causes the internet and phone to go down. Amanda, her friend, Jennifer, and Cleo resort to improvising until the systems come back on. When things get worse, Mr. Poulos suggests everyone play a game of living-room football. The two teams consist of Crash, Wyatt, and Jennifer against Cleo, Mr. Poulos, and Amanda.
10 Crash Crush Dan Milano T. Sean Shannon January 28, 2013 0.34 At Jasmine's sixth birthday party, Crash develops a crush on a puppet named Lola (who he thinks is alive) and begins dating her, as Lola's puppeteer (Patrick Bristow) starts taking advantage of Crash. Wyatt tries to prove to Crash that Lola is a puppet. Meanwhile, Mel and Cleo try to get Jasmine to like their birthday gifts.
11 Shorty Crash Brent Carpenter Jim Armogida & Steve Armogida February 4, 2013 0.50 Crash goes through extreme measures in order to make himself taller when he is unable to ride a roller coaster called the Decapitator. Crash eventually learns about the world records that Mr. Poulos has broken. Wyatt attempts to make it through Picture Day without hurting himself under threat from Mel that she'll give the $100 he gets from Grandma Rose to charity. This proves to be difficult when he gets gum caught on his hair as Amanda tries to fix it before Picture Day. Meanwhile, Cleo tries her first make-up project that makes Mel's face partially purple due to an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients of the make-up.
12 Release the Crashen Sean Mulcahy Erinne Dobson & Shannon Fopeano February 11, 2013 Crash and Wyatt receive an unwelcomed house guest named Gerry as Mel forces them to hang out with their new neighbor who has some strange annoying habits. Mel ends up meeting Gerry's mother, Gretchen, who has the same habits that Gerry has.
13 Cold Hard Crash Sean Mulcahy Tim Brenner February 18, 2013 0.59 Crash gets rich when the Bernstein's next door neighbor Ms. Lopez moves away to Alaska and leaves Crash her fortune and pet cats. Meanwhile, Wyatt competes against Scottie for President of the Snowboard Club.
14 Crashtagion Bruce Leddy David Nichols February 25, 2013 0.56 Mel, Cleo, Amanda, and Jasmine get sick, so Wyatt and Crash must care for them. Crash learns all about germs and works to keep himself from getting infected.
15 Crash Jacked Sean Mulcahy Story by: Clark Taylor
Teleplay by: Mike Larsen
March 4, 2013 0.67 Rufus "The Slapper" is stealing everyone's stuff as Wyatt tries to reason with him. Crash ends up captured by Rufus who holds him for a ransom of Wyatt's bicycle which doesn't go well. Meanwhile, Amanda thinks that Mel had killed Crash after he had previously broke the television as Mel takes advantage of this when she is informed of this by Cleo.
16 Crash vs. Flex Bruce Leddy Lisa K. Nelson March 11, 2013 0.35 While Wyatt is gathering stuff for the school's rummage sale, Crash becomes extremely jealous when Wyatt finds his old "Flex Fletcher" toy. Meanwhile, Cleo creates a money-making venture at the rummage sale and Amanda raises money for new boots to wear at a party.
17 Crashus Maximus Sean Mulcahy Matt Price March 18, 2013 0.42 While working with Wyatt on a report about the Roman Empire, Crash gets struck by lightning and receives multiple personalities (like Chef Crash, Caveman Crash, Southern Millionaire Crash, Cat Crash, and the gladiator Maximus Octavius) which cause trouble immediately.
18 Crashlemania Shelley Jensen Jim Armogida & Steve Armogida March 25, 2013 0.54 Crash, Wyatt, and Pesto join the school wrestling team, run by Coach Urkhart, and Crash plans to actually wrestle against opponents. He later learns that Coach Urkhart was the former tag-team partner of Mr. Poulos. Meanwhile, Cleo goes undercover for the school newspaper as a cheerleader in a plan to expose the dark side of cheerleading until she learns from Amanda, the new assistant cheerleading coach, about the benefits of being a cheerleader.
19 Comic Book Crash Shelley Jensen Jason Nash April 15, 2013 0.29 Wyatt and Crash create a comic book series called "The Shredder and Mr. Purple" which becomes a hit in school and on the news-stand. When Wyatt and Crash decide to create a movie based on Wyatt's comic with Mr. Poulos being the film director, they begin to argue about what to do with the script for the movie.
20 Parade Crasher Rich Correll Erinne Dobson & Shannon Fopeano April 22, 2013 0.43 Crash and Wyatt have to do two hours of community service for the school before they can go to the 8th grade.
21 Crashy McSmartypants June 25, 2013 Wyatt and Crash get a job at the newsstand and Crash starts to give customers silly advice.

Season 2

On April 15, 2013, Disney XD renewed the series for a second season. It premiered on October 7, 2013 and aired until August 11, 2014, with a total of thirteen episodes.

# Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers
Short Summary
1 The Nosejob Job Bruce Leddy Eric Friedman October 7, 2013 0.61 To be added.
2 Health-O-Ween Bruce Leddy Mike Larsen October 14, 2013 0.61 To be added.
3 Crash Is Having a Baby Sean Mulcahy Steve Armogida & Jim Armogida October 21, 2013 0.43 To be added.
4 Trash & Bernstein Hugh Martin Natalie Barbrie & Tim Brenner October 28, 2013 0.63 To be added.
5 Frat Chance Sean Mulcahy Jon Ross November 18, 2013 0.59 To be added.
6 Action Zero Victor Gonzalez Doc Kemker November 19, 2013 0.34 To be added.
7 Like Father, Like Purple Sean Mulcahy Mike Larsen November 20, 2013 0.37 To be added.
8 Merry Crashenfest Sean Mulcahy Jon Ross December 3, 2013 0.54 To be added.
9 Duck, Duck, Crash Marian Deaton Shannon Fopeano July 7, 2014 N/A To be added.
10 Escape From Bigfoot Island Bruce Leddy Doc Kemker July 18, 2014 N/A To be added.
11 Monkey Business Eric Dean Seaton Natalie Barbrie & Tim Brenner July 21, 2014 N/A To be added.
12 Flushed in Space Brent Carpenter Steve Armogida & Jim Armogida July 28, 2014 0.48 To be added.
13 Double Header Marian Deaton Eric Friedman August 11, 2014 N/A To be added.


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