Cretaceous Trail is a walkthrough garden and meet and greet attraction at DinoLand U.S.A. at Disney's Animal Kingdom.


Cretaceous Trail is a showcase of plant-life that date back to the age of the Cretaceous such as cycads and ferns. Additionally, a few dinosaur sculptures can be found along the trail: The entry is marked by a bronze statue of an Ornithomimus in the style of other statues found in Dinosaur's extended queue, a Corythosaurus placed at guest level that serves as a photo opportunity and a Pachyrhinosaurus can be found amongst the shrubbery near the back. A Dino Institute dig in progress can also be found in the forest, with signage explaining how plaster casts are used for transporting fossils.

In 2014, the area around the Corythosaurus sculpture became a meet and greet space for Donald Duck, with newly added signage explaining Junior Woodchuck campouts have been occurring in the area. In 2018, as part of the "Donald's Dino Bash" event, Daisy Duck moved to the Cretaceous Trail space while the Donald meet and greet moved to a spot next to Primeval Whirl. The Daisy meet and greet is based around Daisy's efforts to design dinosaur-inspired fashion in celebration of her dinosaur ancestors. The bulletin board was redressed to feature some of her designs and the Corythosaurus has been given a scarf around its neck. Elsewhere on Cretaceous Trail, Chip and Dale dress up as "Chipmunkosauruses" to participate in the Dino Bash festivities.


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