"Cricket's Tickets" is the second segment of the forty-seventh episode of Big City Greens.


Cricket wins two tickets to a show and must decide whether to bring Tilly or Remy, and when he has a hard time deciding, it causes a rift amongst them.


Cricket is at Big City Park, fishing for piles of junk. He suddenly pulls out a treasure chest that contains two tickets to the Barnacle Banquet. A Radio DJ and his crew come out and surprise Cricket revealing that they planted it for one lucky winner to get it. Cricket excitedly brings the tickets home and shows them off to Tilly and Remy who happily anticipate seeing the show. However, Cricket points out that there is only two and he can only pick one. Cricket goes to his room to think on it when Tilly enters with cocoa and marshmallows and Remy enters with a giant gold statue and Vasquez to offer to Cricket. Both begin to argue with Cricket and offer more things which gives Cricket an idea.

Cricket begins to have Tilly and Remy perform service for him. When he spots other kids with goods, Cricket tells Tilly and Remy that he will not give his extra ticket to either of them and instead offer it to whichever kid offers him the best gift. Cricket begins collecting gifts, as well as Officer Keys who offers that he can get away with some crime, until Remy and Tilly come up to out him. Remy reveals that he sold his father's memorabilia and donated an extra wing in the theater to get tickets for everyone and the kids take their gifts back from a lonely Cricket. He spots an obnoxious kid named Gregly who he desperately brings to the show despite his stating that he hates it.

At the Barnacle Banquet, Cricket is sadly sitting with Gregly while everyone else is sitting in the wing seats. As the show goes on, Cricket is pulled up on stage to perform with Mimi O'Malley. Feeling bad, Cricket jumps up and pulls Tilly and Remy down. He apologizes for his behavior and Mimi rescues them from the water. She commends them on their friendship, but tells them that only two of them can perform with them. Cricket has Tilly and Remy perform while he happily watches. Ironically, Gregly now says the show is getting good.



  • The tickets are a usage of an "Apple of Discord", which is when one simple thing causes a huge argument between a group of people.
  • Bill and Gramma Alice are absent in this episode, but the former's voice is heard.
  • The Radio DJ from "Gridlocked" returns.
  • The Barnacle Banquet show is a reference to the real life Pirates Voyage Dinner and Show.
  • Moral: Don't take advantage of your friends over one little thing.


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