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Kamino, regs, the Republic… That time is over. The Empire will control the entire galaxy, and I am going to be a part of it.

The clone commander Crosshair (birth number CT-9904) is a minor character in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the secondary antagonist from Star Wars: The Bad Batch. As a soldier of the Republic's Grand Army, Crosshair was part of the elite team of Clone Force 99 composed exclusively of defective clones like himself and specialized in dangerous missions.

Upon activation of Order 66, Crosshair has been affected by the secret programming contained in his inhibitor chip like the rest of the regular Clone Troopers, subsequently making him a dedicated and ruthless soldier of the newly formed Galactic Empire. However, his team denies the Empire and refuses to follow him, leading the once tight-knit former brothers in arms to become enemies.



Crosshair is known to be a cold, unyielding, contemptuous, pessimistic, and very cynical individual. Like the rest of the Bad Batch, following orders is not his forte. He is also not the most sociable of the Clone Force 99, especially towards the regular clone troopers whom he mockingly calls '' Regs '' and for whom he holds no esteem. His sense of humor is quite dry, consisting of quite demeaning jokes. Despite everything, he is faithfully devoted to his team.

After Order 66, Crosshair's personality remained broadly the same as before but he had now become subject to the orders implanted in his chip like executed the Jedi regardless of where those orders came from. He also did not hesitate to reprimand Hunter for disobeying the extermination order and was also exasperated that his leader was completely reneging on these directives. Following the creation of the Empire, Crosshair became a staunch supporter and the effects of his flea made him unmistakably more ruthless, continuing to blindly follow Empire orders such as the extermination of insurgents despite the opposition from his teammates. Regardless, he still had loyalty to his team, though he disapproved of their opposition to the Empire.

Following Tarkin's amplification of his chip, Crosshair's loyalty to the Empire grew complete, to the point that he attempted to kill his former teammates in cold blood when they fled Kamino, seeing them as purely traitors. As commander of imperious elite soldiers, Crosshair showed more of his ruthless nature, executing all those who had no use to the Empire as well as those who refused to follow orders. When he crossed paths with the Bad Batch again, Crosshair mocked their situation while continuing to call them traitors to the Empire and even dared to order Omega to be targeted by his troops, despite being a child.

Although his chip was taken away from him after his accident on Bracca, Crosshair remained loyal to the Empire but he had presumably returned to an almost similar state of mind before the amplification. Instead of trying to kill his brothers in arms again, he offered them a chance to join the Empire on his side to be a team again, while admitting the resentment he felt at them for leaving him behind when they fled Kamino without him. He also showed he had no attachment to his new team, killing them without any hesitation when they refused to drop their weapons. When Bad Batch once again denied the Empire, Crosshair was sick of it. However, it turned out that Crosshair still had some sense of honor, once again fighting alongside his brothers to survive the onslaught of the Training Droids and later saving Omega from drowning by repayment.

After surviving the collapse of Tipoca City, Crosshair chose to stay with the Empire despite being left for dead, refusing his brothers' offer to join them again. His personal feelings for Bad Batch, however, seem to have become ambiguous, as he seemed to experience some sadness afterwards.


  • Superior Eyesight: Due to his genetic mutation, Crosshair possesses a eyesight surpassing most sentient beings.
  • Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: As a clone trooper, Crosshair is highly skilled in melee combat. It turned out to be a match for Hunter although he ended up losing to him.
  • Expert Tactician/Leadership: Crosshair is smart enough to lead multiple troops with major success. On two occasions, he succeeded in anticipating the plans of Tech which is nevertheless endowed with a superior intelligence.
  • Expert Marksman/Sniper: Crosshair is not only a blaster expert but also a skilled sniper. His improved eyesight allows him to hit targets several miles away with precision.

Television Appearances

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

In the final year of the Clone Wars, the Bad Batch was sent to Anaxes to support the Republican forces. During a patrol flight, Crosshair and Jesse began to have tension between them when their Assault Gunship was taken down by the battle droids. While Cody is injured, the Bad Batch manages to defeat the entire Separatist Patrol using their unorthodox tactics. After nightfall, new feuds between normal and deviant clones began until Hunter put an end to them by reminding them that they were all on the same team, allowing them the next day to storm the Cyber Center.

Afterward, the Bad Batch accompanied the captain Rex and Anakin Skywalker during the mission on Skako Minor to save the long-dead suspected clone trooper, Echo. Before entering Purkoll Town, Crosshair expressed his doubts about the mission which could be a trap, while openly stating that he would have left Echo for dead since it is just another "reg", pushing Rex to hit him angrily. The team then made their way through Purkoll's security forces and eventually found an Echo transforming into a cyborg before escaping.

With Echo at their side, the Republican forces launched a direct assault on Admiral Trench's forces, although the Bad Batch remained wary of the cyborg clone. In the end, Echo always turns out to be on the right side and following the victory of the Republic, he is welcomed as a member of the Bad Batch due to now also being a deviant clone. Before leaving, the Bad Batch greeted Rex, showing that the captain had earned their respect.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Season One

Deployed on Kaller, the Bad Batch came to the aid of general Depa Bilaba and her padawan Caleb Dume. Soon after, Palpatine activated Order 66, leading the clone troopers to execute Bilaba as Bad Batch and Caleb watched bemusedly and quickly fled into the forest after that. Hunter and Crosshair go in search of the Padawan but when he finds him, Crosshair tries to shoot him down against Hunter's advice. Crosshair simply claimed to follow the order, which Hunter disputed. Crosshair didn't seem to care about Hunter's advice while repeating the words "Good soldiers follow order". The duo once again find Caleb and Crosshair continues to try to bring him down until he is knocked unconscious against a tree. Upon awakening, Hunter tells him that he knocked Caleb down to death in the ravine without Crosshair really being convinced.

Returning to Kamino, Crosshair questions Hunter on his certainty that the padawan is indeed dead since he has not checked. Once in Tipoca City, the team learned of Grievous' death and therefore the end of the Clone Wars before they took their leave. Back in their personal quarters, Crosshair reveals to the others that Hunter willfully let Caleb escape. Hunter claims to be uncomfortable with orders to eliminate their superior, to which Crosshair replied that the orders are the orders, just so Hunter replied "since when", much to Crosshair's annoyance. The Bad Batch then went to now Emperor Palpatine's announcement about the Republic's transformation into the Galactic Empire. While others are uncomfortable with these changes, Crosshair doesn't find it making a difference. The Bad Batch are then summoned by Lama Su on Tarkin's orders to be tested as soldiers of the Empire. After the test is turned to live fire, Crosshair is the only one who doesn't mind as they get shot all the time. Tarkin himself comes to entrust them with a mission to eliminate separatist insurgents on Onderon. Before leaving, Crosshair notices that Hunter is beginning to wonder about Omega, a mysterious child living on Kamino whom they encountered before the test, and cynically points out to him that children are not his purview.

Arrived on Onderon, the Bad Batch finds the insurgents but quickly notices that something is wrong, except for Crosshair who is only waiting for the order to open fire with an elderly person in his line of sight. Quickly captured by former soldiers of Onderon, the clones are brought to the leader of the insurgents, Saw Gerrera. The latter reveals to them that the people here present are only ordinary people who have lost everything because of the new Empire and that with his militia, Saw intends to oppose it. Crosshair points out that the war is over, just for Saw to state that although the Clone Wars is over, the Civil War has only just begun. The republic veteran then lets the clones go with advice to adapt and survive or die with the past and then disappears into the jungle with all the insurgents. Returning to the Marauder, an unconcerned Crosshair opines to finish the mission, prompting Hunter to ask him what's wrong with him, especially noting that he's following orders now. Their brief argument ends when Hunter shoots down a probe droid sent by Tarkin. Hunter then decides to go back to find Omega on Kamino after Tech is revealed that she was also a clone but Crosshair thinks it's not a good idea.

Barely landing at the hangar, the Bad Batch is immediately surrounded by Shock Troopers and confronted by Tarkin who calls the team treason to the Empire before having them locked up. In a cell with Omega and stripped of all their gear, the team takes stock of their situation, during which time Crosshair accuses Hunter of not stopping endangering them from Kaller while trying to convince the others to turn loyally to the Empire, just to fall on deaf ears. Taken from migraine, Crosshair is approached by Omega who notices that he is angry and claims to know why, to Crosshair's disbelief. The next moment, Crosshair is led away by the Shock Troopers on Tarkin's orders.

Placed on an operating table, Crosshair is examined by Tarkin and Nala Se before the activation of his inhibitor chip is amplified. A later, the rest of the team manage to escape and return to the Marauder but are soon ambushed by clones this time led by a Crosshair sporting new black armor. Against all odds, he orders the Bad Batch to surrender while berating Hunter for sparing Dume on Kaller, to which he replies that he did what he thought was right, only for Crosshair to claim that he never saw of bigger picture while repeating the order to surrender. The Bad Batch eventually defend themselves against Crosshair's forces, last shooting themselves in cold blood into Wrecker's shoulder and nearly hitting Hunter had Omega not fired his rifle. The Bad Batch still manages to escape on Kamino.

Some time later, Crosshair was promoted to Clone Commander and placed in command of a squad of soldiers volunteering for the Imperial cause for a return mission to Onderon. During the trip there were tensions and the designate ES-01 who has a very low opinion of the Clone Troopers. There, the squad quickly eliminated Gerrera's soldiers except for one whom Crosshair eliminated just after she refused to say anything. Deeming the civilians who were going to be evacuated by the militiamen to be useless, Crosshair ordered their elimination but ES-01 fiercely opposed it, judging it wrong. Crosshair replied that he had been made leader because he had to do what he had to do before executing the reluctant soldier and once again ordering the squad to finish off the civilians, which which they do as Crosshair once again recites "Good soldiers follow orders". Back on Kamino, he reported to Tarkin and Admiral Rampart and then returned to his quarters where he seemed to still be thinking of his old team.

Weeks later, Crosshair is sent to chase the Bad Batch that has just been spotted on Bracca by Rempart, with orders to eliminate them. Accompanied by several clone platoons and his new squad, Crosshair cornered his old squad in a Venator gunship hangar, knowing that the Bad Batch was listening to their conversations. Reunited with his brothers again, Crosshair mocked their pillager status while continuing to view them as traitors to the Empire. As Hunter unsuccessfully tries to reason with his former comrade with the inhibitor chip, Echo and Tech activate turbolasers to allow the Bad Batch to escape through the Venator. Tracking down their trail to the ion engine, Crosshair orders its activation in an attempt to incinerate the Bad Batch but his plan backfires when the renegade clones detonate the engine, diverting the ion fire right at Crosshair and burning his face. Despite his injuries, Crosshair chases the Bad Batch out of Bracca's orbit, only to have them escape him again.

Once recovered from his wounds, Crosshair accompanies Rampart to Ryloth. He is suspicious of Cham Syndulla's right-hand man, Gobi Glie, viewing him as an annoyance despite Ryloth's corrupt senator, Orn Free Taa asserting that Syndulla is the real problem. Stealthily following Hera Syndulla to a hangar where he places a bug on Gobi's ship, Crosshair later shoots down the craft returning from a weapons delivery by firing at the reactors. As soon as Gobi and Hera are taken into mobile detention, Crosshair is ordered by Rampart to let Syndulla's scouts spying on the event go and warn their leader. After Syndulla his wife, Heleni and several Twi'leks halt the convoy, a Crosshair hiding in the mountainous heights non-fatally shoots Taa in the head to incriminate Syndulla before Imperial reinforcements capture all of the Twi'leks, though Hera manages to escape.

As he began tracking down Hera knowing she wouldn't leave her parents behind, Crosshair became more concerned about discovering that the Bad Batch was on Ryloth and informing Rampart who didn't consider the renegade clone team as a serious threat. In the evening, Crosshair stood in a sniper position as his forces surrounded the Capitol where the Twi'lek insurgents were being held, suspecting that the Bad Batch would try to break them out. Instead of the Bad Batch, clone Captain Howzer came out the only way, denouncing the Empire's actions and inviting several of his men to defect with him. Crosshair orders the arrest of the deserters before attempting to shoot the fugitives aboard Taa's shuttle but he misses. He then returns to Rampart who acknowledges having underestimated the Bad Batch and allows Crosshair to go after them.

Following Hunter's capture on Daro, Crosshair brings him back to Kamino to use as bait. While transporting his prisoner, Crosshair receives Hunter's warnings about the Empire, only for Crosshair to claim that the best clones will be kept. Their debate continues in a control room, with Hunter speaking out against the Empire's atrocities while Crosshair sees only necessity. As he had planned, the Bad Batch infiltrated Tipoca City and once again Crosshair anticipated their move to the training facility, surrounding them with his squad. After sending ES-02 to track down Omega hiding somewhere, Crosshair expresses how he felt betrayed by his own brothers in arms when they left him behind but he offers them a chance to join him however, even eliminating the elite squad both as proof of being trustworthy and because they refused to lower their weapons at his command. He then continues to try to convince his old team to join him in the Empire to follow a new purpose but as each of the four clones still rejects the Empire, Hunter accuses him of not knowing who they are. Afterwards, Omega and Azi-3 activate the training droids to come to the Bad Batch's aid, but things go awry, forcing Crosshair to once again team up with his brothers to escape alive. With the droids defeated, Crosshair is held at gunpoint by Hunter who tells him to forget about the Empire as it is the chip that makes him act like this. Much to everyone's shock, Crosshair reveals that his chip was taken away from him long ago, claiming to be what he is before attempting to shoot Hunter and being knocked out with a stun shot. The Bad Batch then flee with an unconscious Crosshair through Tipoca City but are unfortunately victims of the Empire's destruction of the city.

Surviving but stuck in the ravaged city underwater, the Bad Batch searches for a way out, while enduring the presence of a Crosshair who continues to support the Empire despite the events and to argue with Hunter about what is importance, Crosshair affirming that the Empire will bring order to the galaxy and that he will be part of it while Hunter advises him not to fool himself because the Empire will never see him as anything more than a number. He also briefly argues with the others in the tunnel leading to Nala Se's secret lab, with Wrecker blaming him for never trying to get back on the team while Tech understands him but doesn't approve his actions. Eventually surfacing by means of clone pods alone, Crosshair saves a nearly drowned Omega by attempting to rescue a disconnected Azi-3, using his enhanced vision and the grappling hook of his sniper rifle to reach them underwater.

As the sun rises, the six clones stare at the smoldering remains of Tipoca City. Wrecker asks Crosshair if he's coming with them but Crosshair states that nothing has changed, also rejecting the second chance Hunter offers him. Agreeing to this, Hunter tells Crosshair that even though they don't want the same thing, that doesn't mean they have to be enemies. As the adult clones boarded the Marauder, Omega thanks Crosshair for saving her and the latter replies that they are now leaving then Omega tells him that he will always be their brother before leaving with the others, leaving a Crosshair apparently saddened.



  • Crosshair fond of chewing on toothpicks is reminiscent of Cad Bane, another Star Wars person who also shares this attribute.
  • According to Tech, Crosshair is unable to change his cynical nature.
  • Crosshair's voice is more sour than the other clones.
  • Many fans believe Crosshair will go through a redemption arc in season 2.
  • Crosshair joining the Empire was foreshadowed in the trailers when there was little screen time of him.
  • Crosshair is the only member of Clone Force 99 to not appear in all episodes of The Bad Batch.
    • He is not present in the following episodes: Cut and Run, Cornered, Rampage, Decommissioned, Battle Scars, and Infested.
    • Out of all those episodes, he is only mentioned in Cut and Run, Rampage, and Battle Scars. Only his voice can be heard in Decommissioned.
  • Crosshair and Wrecker are the only members of Clone Force 99 to have killed people Crosshair activity killed people while Wrecker shot down V-Wings with people piloting them.
  • There are many signs Crosshair might have regretted his actions.
    • In Replacements he sat in contemplation as if both regretted his actions and missed his brothers.
    • In Rescue on Ryloth he seemed to miss Clone Force 99 when they left him behind.
    • In the Finale he placed his hands on his forehead seemingly blaming himself for leaving his brothers.
  • Crosshair is rarely ever shown to smile.
  • His Clone Force 99 outfit only appears in 5 episodes - the first 4 episodes in the final season of The Clone Wars and the pilot episode of The Bad Batch.

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