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But I am more than a Gummi. I am the Crimson Avenger! I am the protector of all that is good.
―Cubbi Gummi[1]

Cubbi Gummi is one of the main characters of Adventures of the Gummi Bears.

D23 Description[]

The irrepressible, talkative, and excitable Cubbi Gummi, the youngest of all the Gummies, is predictably full of unpredictable mischief—and prone to taking ill-advised shortcuts.


Cubbi is part of a small caretaker colony of Gummi Bears who were left to guard Gummi Glen. He is incredibly curious and has a tendency to get distracted by the mysterious or the exciting. Of all the bears, he is the youngest and the smallest.

Because of his young age, his opinion is sometimes overlooked during discussions, which often frustrates him, especially when his older siblings Sunni and Tummi get treated with more respect than he does.

Cubbi dreams of becoming a great Gummi Knight. He becomes best friends with the human page Cavin, who shares the dream of becoming a knight as well.

Role in the series[]

In the series pilot, Cubbi is the first Gummi encountered by Cavin, as he is seen peeking from behind a bush. Alongside the other Gummi Bears, he would come to secretly assist in the protection of the kingdom of Dunwyn from the villainous Duke Igthorn. He often looks up to other male role models, such as Gruffi or Gusto Gummi, or even the human "White Knight" Sir Victor.

In the episode "Up, Up, and Away", Cubbi receives the opportunity to travel in a flying ship with a Gummi Bear named Chummi, who offers to take the bears with him to find the Great Gummies across the ocean in New Gumbria. However, when the bears realize they cannot abandon their responsibilities in Gummi Glen, they decline. This angers Cubbi, who wants to go, as the Great Gummies are the only known authority who can commission him as a Gummi Knight. Gruffi refuses to grant permission until Chummi argues that he himself was once in Cubbi's shoes; the youngest and last of his warren, and that he will look after Cubbi. However, when Chummi leaves with Cubbi, Duke Igthorn and a couple of Ogres hijack the airship and steer it to Dunwyn, kidnapping Princess Calla in the process. Cavin, Cubbi, and Chummi recapture the vessel and save Calla. Cubbi is insistent he must go with Chummi, but soon has a change of heart when he unwrap's Gruffi's parting gift, a plaque of himself titled Sir Cubbi, reflecting the plaque of famous Gummi Knights in Cubbi's bedroom. Cubbi wishes Chummi a safe journey and jumps ship, while Chummi shouts that Cubbi forgot his plaque. Cubbi says to keep it and show it to the Great Gummies, and tell them about Gummi Glen. Chummi promises he will do so when he finds them.

Princess Calla later holds a knighting ceremony for saving her and the kingdom, and dubs him the "Unseen Defender of Dunwyn", saying "Rise, Sir Cubbi".

In a later episode, "The Crimson Avenger", Cubbi is tilting at windmills. When Sunni says to stop playing around, Cubbi insists that he is not playing; Calla made him the "Unseen Defender of Dunwyn", prompting Sunni to sarcastically retort, "then go defend Dunwyn", causing Cubbi to take it seriously. Cubbi vigilantly watches the forest, until he later complains that soldiering can also have long stretches of boredom, as nothing usually happens for a long time. Soon, Cubbi hears clanking and thinks a black knight is threatening Dunwyn, only for it to be revealed as an elderly tinker. Just then, a highwayman named Erwillian appears and robs the tinker. Cubbi drinks some Gummiberry Juice and bounces through the air, bopping Erwillian on the head. The tinker then makes it to Castle Dunwyn and spreads the news about a "crimson dressed avenger" (red being the color of Cubbi's pajamas). When Cavin tells the Gummi Glen Gummies of the excitement, Cubbi ponders about the secret identity of "the Crimson Avenger", and fashions himself a hat and outfit akin to the Scarlet Pimpernel. His superhero persona is born, and resurfaces from time to time in later episodes, whenever the need for the avenger arises.


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