Curley Baker is a supporting character in Disney/Pixar's 2020 animated feature film, Soul.


Official Description

Curley is one of Joe Gardner’s former students who nurtured his own passion for music into adulthood, landing a coveted spot in Dorothea Williams’ jazz quartet. The accomplished drummer never forgot his favorite teacher-slash-jazz pianist, so when an opportunity for a piano player arises, Curley gets Joe the audition of a lifetime.

Curley used to be a protégé to main character Joe Gardner before graduating from Middle School and eventually getting a career of being a drummer in the Dorothea Williams Quartet. When the band is in need of a piano player, Curly recommends his former mentor, presenting Joe with the opportunity to live out his passion.


  • It's unknown exactly how long it's been between him being a student of Joe's and joining Dorothea's band.


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