Curse Crusher is the personal sword of the retired adventurer, Corey the Manticore. It is one of a kind and forged from rare metals and was designed to break curses, hence its name. However, as times changed and magic and adventure was forgotten, Corey eventually sold the Curse Crusher in order to pay off some financial problems she was having.

Role in the film

After meeting two elf brothers seeking a Phoenix Gem and then their mother, Corey realized she forgot to tell the brothers about the gem having a curse on it. Corey and Laurel went to get the Curse Crusher back from the pawn shop owner she'd sold it to and successfully acquired it (albeit after an argument with the shop owner and Corey stinging her).

Corey and Laurel flew into battle to destroy a stone dragon that was conjured from the cursed Phoenix Gem being removed from its hiding place, and in the ensuing battle, the Curse Crusher was successfully used to destroy the monster.

During the epilogue, Corey held a grand re-opening of her Tavern, this time staying true to her self, and used her sword to cut a child's birthday cake.

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