Cyclopes are creatures featured in the 2020 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Onward.


Like in mythology, all Cyclopes are depicted having one eye. Many Cyclopes featured in the film are featured as background characters and have no given names. Like all the mythical creatures, Cyclopes lived in a world where magic once existed before adapting to modern technology.



In the film, a Cyclops wizard appears during the part where magic was a bit hard to master, to which the Cyclops arriving towards a nearby household where a lightbulb is invented, causing his companion to be disappointed. A Cyclops fitness trainer also appeared during the workout video Laurel Lightfoot watches, telling viewers to get Warrior Z90 Fit by shouting, "I'm a mighty warrior!" to which Laurel repeats what the trainer says. Cyclopes can also be seen attending New Mushroomton High School along with Ian Lightfoot and one of them also appears in Ian's colleagues who has a bad conversation with Ian, due to Barley picking him up.

When Ian and Barley go on a quest to find the Phoenix Gem, by stopping at the Manticore's Tavern, Cyclopes also appear as customers and also employees. Other Cyclopes encountered throughout the film include Specter and Fennwick.

At the end of the film like all other creatures, Cyclopes continued to adapt when magic is brought back to the land of mythical creatures once again.

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