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This article is about the character from The Nightmare Before Christmas. For other characters, see Cyclops.

The Cyclops is a minor character from The Nightmare Before Christmas. He is one of the citizens of Halloween Town.


The Cyclops is a gray-skinned monster with pointy ears and a pair of hooves. As his name implies, the Cyclops is a one-eyed monster with a large yellow eye and sharp teeth.

Role in the film[]

The Cyclops is first seen during the musical number "This is Halloween" where he and the other citizens celebrate Halloween with Jack Skellington appearing in front of them. After the celebration, Jack feels bored after celebrating the same holiday over and over again. The Cyclops later attends the town meeting after his experience in Halloween Town, where he is seen in the audience alongside the rest of the other citizens. During the musical number "Making Christmas", the Cyclops is seen alongside the other citizens preparing Christmas for Jack to take over, much to Sally's worry that it would cause a disaster in messing up the holiday.

After Lock, Shock, and Barrel bring Santa Claus in Halloween Town, the Cyclops and the other citizens are shocked upon seeing something unusual in Halloween Town just as Santa is taken to Oogie Boogie's lair. Later, the Cyclops and the other citizens of Halloween Town are watching Jack Skellington via well where Jack is bringing presents to children. After Jack's sleigh is shot down by military forces, the Cyclops and the other citizens of Halloween Town react to what happened to Jack just as he and the other citizens hear the Mayor's sadness, knowing that the Christmas plan was a bad idea, explaining that Halloween Town has lost its Pumpkin King.

After Jack Skellington is shown to have survived, then defeats Oogie Boogie and then rescues Santa to save Christmas, the Cyclops (wearing pyjamas) and the other citizens are happy to see the Pumpkin King back in Halloween Town just as he and the other citizens celebrate Jack's return. As Santa passes by Halloween Town, he thanks Jack for saving him just as the Cyclops and the other citizens enjoy the snow in Halloween Town at the end of the film.

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