Cyril Proudbottom is a character and J. Thaddeus Toad's horse in Disney's 1949 short The Wind in the Willows, a segment of the 1949 feature film The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad.


The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

Cyril first appears at the beginning of the film pulling a gypsy cart and giving Toad a ride while singing, "We're Merrily On Our Way". As they continue riding Cyril and Toad are stopped by Rat and Mole who Toad introduces Cyril too. Rat tells Toad that he must give up Cyril and the cart, but Toad refuses. Later, he was the one who told Toad what a motorcar was when they encountered it, unknowingly giving him a new mania. After Toad escapes from his house to find a motorcar, Cyril joins him and they follow a red motorcar to a bar where Toad trades his estate Toad Hall for the motorcar. Toad is subsequently arrested as the car is stolen. Cyril defends his friend in court by saying he honestly traded the house for the car. However, the witness to the deed Mr. Winkie instead says Toad stole the car and then tried to sell it to him. Cyril angrily lashes out at the lie, but Toad is sent to prison anyhow.

Later on Christmas Day, Cyril, disguised as Toad's grandmother, is allowed to see him. He gives Toad a disguise and they escape.

After Toad's name is cleared, Cyril joins his friend on a plane ride.

Other appearances

In Mickey's Christmas Carol, Cyril played the horse of Nephew Fred's (played by Donald Duck). He did not speak in this role, however.

In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Cyril made a cameo appearance during the final scene with the Toons (though his fur color was light brown).

Cyril appears in the Mickey Mouse episode, "Dumb Luck" as a horse that Mickey is trying to get a lucky horseshoe from him, only to be kicked in the process.

Disney Parks

Cyril appears in statue form in Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, holding up Toad.


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