DCappella is the self-titled debut album by Disney Music Group's a cappella group, DCappella. The album contains covers of various Disney songs, including mash-ups. It features the first line-up of the group, with Shelley Regner as the mezzo and Sojourner Brown as the alto. A reissued version was released in 2019 to celebrate the band's tour in Japan, featuring some Japanese-English versions of Disney songs. The new songs from the reissued version were recorded by the second line-up, where Kalen Kelly replaced Shelley Regner as the mezzo.

Track listing

Standard Edition

No. Title Length
1. "Tune Up"   0:37
2. "The World Es Mi Familia" (from Coco) 0:37
3. "Friend Like Me" (from Aladdin) 2:19
4. "How Far I'll Go" (from Moana) 2:42
5. "Let It Go / Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" (from Frozen) 3:50
6. "I Wan'na Be Like You" (from The Jungle Book) 2:54
7. "You'll Be in My Heart" (from Tarzan) 3:09
8. "When She Loved Me" (from Toy Story 2) 3:14
9. "Trashin' the Camp" (from Tarzan) 2:03
10. "Part of Your World / A Whole New World" (from The Little Mermaid / Aladdin) 3:18
11. "Step in Time" (from Mary Poppins) 2:25
12. "Immortals" (from Big Hero 6) 3:42
13. "Remember Me" (from Coco) 2:38

Japanese 2019 Reissue Edition

No. Title Length
14. "A Whole New World (Japanese Version)" (from Aladdin) 2:39
15. "Beauty and the Beast (Japanese Edition)" (from Beauty and the Beast) 3:59
16. "Circle of Life / He Lives in You (Japanese Version)" (from The Lion King / The Lion King (musical)) 3:38
17. "Under the Sea (Japanese Version)" (from The Little Mermaid) 2:53
18. "Thanks to You (Japanese Version)" (from Tokyo DisneySea 1st Anniversary) 3:30
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