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*This movie is often shown as part of driver education courses.
*This movie is often shown as part of driver education courses.
*[[Kurt Russell]] as Narrator
*[[Kurt Russell]] as Narrator
*Spencer Quinn
*Spencer Quinn
*Jesse White
*Jesse White
*[[Peter Renaday]] (as Pete Renoudet)
*[[Peter Renaday|Pete Renoudet]]
*[[June Foray]] as Various Characters (voice)
*[[June Foray]] as Various Characters
*Larry Gloege
*Larry Gloege
;'''Produced by'''
*[[Ward Kimball]] .... producer
*John O'Connor .... field producer
*Walter Perkins .... field producer
;'''Original Music by'''
[[George Bruns]]
;'''Film Editing by'''
Lloyd L. Richardson
;'''Production Management'''
[[Ben Sharpsteen]] .... production supervisor
;'''Art Department'''
*John Emerson .... graphic designer
*Ed Garbert .... graphic designer
;'''Sound Department'''
Robert O. Cook .... sound
;'''Camera and Electrical Department'''
*Rolf Darbo .... additional photographer
*Nick Iuppa .... additional photographer
*John Kimball .... additional photographer
*Jim Talbot .... additional photographer
;'''Animation Department'''
*Joe Hale .... layout artist
*[[Art Stevens]] .... animator
;'''Other crew'''
Louis Debney .... assistant to producer

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Dad, Can I Borrow the Car? is a 1970 Disney educational live-action film about the importance of driving safety.


A live-action short, using many avant-garde film techniques, that looks at American car culture in the late 1960s. The main section deals with the many trials and obstacles a teenager must face on the path to being able to drive. Surviving the driver's education class is only the first step, as the teenager must then pass his driving test, and then finally get permission to borrow the family car.


  • Although originally written for TV, "Dad... Can I Borrow the Car" was a theatrical release and was not on TV until a 1972 episode of "The Wonderful World of Disney".
  • This movie is often shown as part of driver education courses.



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