Daiei Film Co. Ltd. (大映映画株式會社 / 大映映画株式会社 Daiei Eiga Kabushiki-gaisha) was a Japanese film studio. It distributed Disney films in Japan in the 1950s.


Daiei's founding was the result of the Japanese government efforts to reorganize the film industry during World War II in order to increase control over the medium. Shinkō Kinema executive Masaichi Nagata pressed hard for a plan to create three studios - the Japanese government originally planned to merge all of Japan's film studios into two studios.[1] His efforts won out and Shinkō Kinema, Daito Eiga, and the production arm of Nikkatsu were merged in 1942 to form Dai Nippon Film Co., Ltd. (大日本映画製作株式会社 Dai Nihon Eiga Seisaku Kabushiki-gaisha), or Daiei for short. Novelist Kan Kikuchi served as the first president, with Nagata continuing as an executive.

Disney films distributed in Japan by Daiei Film

Title Title (Japan) Date of release (Japan)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 白雪姫 September 26, 1950
Bambi バンビ May 18, 1951
Song of the South 南部の唄 October 19, 1951
Dumbo ダンボ March 12, 1954
Fun and Fancy Free こぐま物語 August 9, 1954
The Living Desert 砂漠は生きている January 14, 1955
Fantasia ファンタジア September 23, 1955
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 海底二万哩 December 23, 1955
Lady and the Tramp わんわん物語 August 10, 1956
Saludos Amigos ラテン・アメリカの旅 March 20, 1957
The Three Caballeros 三人の騎士 March 10, 1959


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