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"Daisy Bo-Peep" is the first episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, that originally aired on Disney Channel in primetime on May 5, 2006.


In the first episode of the series, Daisy has lost ten sheep and the gang tries to find them.




  • Binoculars
  • A Trampoline
  • A Net (Mystery Mousketool)
  • A Flashlight



  • This pilot episode was first aired after the Disney Channel premiere of the 2003 Disney-Pixar movie Finding Nemo.
  • This marks the first appearance of Toodles.
  • As this was the first episode, there are many "beta elements" in this episode that are discontinued or changed in future episodes:
    • In the very beginning, when Mickey is walking through the forest, pink bushes are seen, which are also seen in A Surprise for Minnie, but removed in Goofy's Bird onwards.
    • When Mickey is showing the blank area where the clubhouse is, the light green turf can already be seen. At the end of the Hot Dog Dance, the green turf stays while the Clubhouse disappears. This also happens in A Surprise for Minnie, but in Goofy's Bird onwards, the turf appears and disappears with the Clubhouse itself respectively.
    • The Glove Balloon pops out slightly slower than it does from Goofy's Bird and onward.
    • When Toodles' screen shows the title card, he is still visible, which also happens in A Surprise for Minnie, but starting with Goofy's Bird, he cannot be seen during the title screen sequence.
    • The question mark used for the Mystery Mouseketool has a different appearance.
    • Toodles has a lot more circles on his screen than in future episodes.
    • Already-used mousketools on Toodles' screen are darkly shaded, which also happens in A Surprise for Minnie and Goofy's Bird, but in Donald's Big Balloon Race onwards, they are gray scaled instead.
    • When Mickey decides to use the trampoline and flashlight mousketools, the screen stays on the "mousketool-selection screen" when Mickey says "we got ears, say cheers." In future episodes, the screen will always zoom in on the selected Mousketool.


  • During the theme song, if you look closely right before Mickey opens the door, his nose clips through the door window.
    • The hot air balloon Donald is riding also flies lower than usual; the ropes can be seen clipping through the building as it ascends.


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