Daisy Visits Minnie is a Mickey Mouse Works short that was originally aired aired as part of the show's eighth episode on June 19, 1999. It was later included in the House of Mouse episode "Ladies' Night", where it was retitled "Daisy Bothers Minnie".


Minnie Mouse is looking forward to a quiet night at home, but the peace and quiet is soon interrupted when Daisy Duck calls and tells her that she used up her hot water and cannot take her 'nightly-therapeutic relaxation bubble bath', and, thinking Minnie is OK with it, "invites" herself over, baggage and all, to use Minnie's bathtub.

Minnie is at first reluctant but lets Daisy use her bathroom. While letting the tub fill up, Daisy goes downstairs and makes Minnie even madder by switching channels on the TV and demanding soda and popcorn. While in the kitchen, Minnie fights a lion that escapes from the zoo. The water from the tub floods the house and sends the lion back to the zoo. Daisy apologizes for ruining Minnie's evening, with Minnie replying, "What are friends for?"


  • Daisy's legs are mistakenly colored white instead of the usual duck feet orange.
  • This is one of the few shorts where Daisy is voiced by Diane Michelle
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