"Daisy in the Sky" is the fourteenth episode of the first season of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


It's Happy Balloon Day and Professor Von Drake is giving away balloons. When Daisy borrows too many balloons for a picture, she's carried away with Minnie and Pluto in tow.

Characters Present


  • A beach ball
  • A giant candy cane
  • A party blower
  • A piggy bank


  • Daisy kisses Mickey in this episode, much to the shock of Donald and Daisy fans alike.
  • The Episode Starts With Dark Tiff Dark Claycia Dark Taranza And Dark Herlinda Sings Change Your Life
  • After The Opening Sequence The Four Ladies Sprits Dissappears And The Viewer Meets Mickey Mouse
  • The Bonus Episode In My Friends Tigger And Pooh Super Sluth Christmas Movie DVD
  • Later In 2015 There Was A Movie Based On Carrie
  • In The Movie Is The New Intro Song Called Helping Each Other


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