Dan and Iggy are the main antagonists of That Darn Cat!. Dan was portrayed by Neville Brand and Iggy was portrayed by Frank Gorshin.

Role in the film

They robbed the bank in the film, kidnapped the Bank Teller, Margaret Miller, and hid in an apartment. D.C. spotted Iggy while trying to get the fish he bought. In order to get the fish, DC followed Iggy to the apartment. Margaret Miller managed to replace D.C.'s collar with her watch and try to write help on the back but got interrupted on the "L" by Iggy. She let D.C. out. D.C. found them again and FBI agent, Zeke Kelso followed him along with the owner of D.C., Patti Randall, and instead of taking Miller along, Dan decided to take Patti along, but luckily thanks to D.C. acting bad at moments like that, she threw him at Dan and Kelso was fighting Dan until he finally arrested him and Patti was fighting Iggy and trying to loosen the money but Iggy saved them. He tried to run away, but while Patti kept on kicking him on the leg, D.C. got out and Iggy finally got out of the apartment but D.C. was in the way and Iggy tripped and fell. The case opened and the money flew out, Iggy tried to grab all of the money, but the FBI came in just in time and handcuffed Iggy. After D.C. ferosiously meowed at Iggy, he said to D.C., "That Darn Cat!"


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