"Dangerous" Dan McBoo and Idgit "the Midget" are a pair of thieves who appear as recurring villains in Mickey Mouse comic stories. They first appeared in "Treasure of Oomba Loomba" by Paul Murry. Dangerous Dan is the brawn of the duo while Idgit is the brains.

They have also faced the Red Bat; in "Dance with Me" by Ivan Saidenberg and Verci de Mello, they infiltrate into a disguise party where Duckburg's millionaires dress as superheroes (Dan even shaves his mustache for his own disguise). When they find Scrooge McDuck and John D. Rockerduck are disguised as the Red Bat, they try to ambush one of them but face the actual Red Bat instead. In "The Return Of Dr. Syclocks?", Idgit uses his size to disguise himself as Doctor Syclocks and divert the police into guarding jewelries while Dan and him rob the bank, but the Red Bat turns out to be there.

Another character called Dangerous Dan appeared in the DuckTales episode, "Back to the Klondike".