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Danica Bricker is a character from the Disney Channel Original SeriesI Didn't Do It. She is portrayed by Savannah Lathem.

Physical Appearance

She has brown hair and brown eyes. She wears tall black and brown boots.


She is a shy type of person when confronting her feelings but can be intimidating. She makes every boy lick the dirty soles of her boots and randomly steps and stomps on boys face beneath her boots. She would use your face as a trampoline or a step stool and jump until her boots soles are imprinted on your face


Season One

Danica had a secret relationship with Logan in Earth Boys are Icky as she didn't want her dad to find out because she's not allowed to date.


Logan Watson

Danica and Logan dated for a short period of time. Logan then thought about it because Danica hurt him in a friendly way so no one would know that they were dating.


  • Her dad is the vice principal
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