Danielle appears in the episode "Age It Up" as a very snobby, popular cheerleader at John Hughes High School. Danielle also appears in "Party It Up". She is portrayed by Kiersey Clemons.

Age It Up

In the beginning of the episode, Gunther attempts to swoon and ask out Danielle but she turns him down harshly because she thinks Gunther isn't cool enough. She uses his signature line, "Bay-Beee!" to mock him. Later in the episode, Gunther has turned "cool" (with the help of Ty) and blown off his twin sister, Tinka, to hang out with Danielle. When Danielle makes fun of Tinka for knitting a red goat alone, Gunther becomes upset and defends her calling her a "one of a kind like a goat with 2 heads". After that, Danielle gets up, dumps Gunther, and leaves.


  • "How about never, bay-bee?"
  • "Works for me."
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