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Dark End is an alien experiment who appeared in the third season of the Stitch! anime as an antagonist. Dark End was created by Delia using similar genetic blueprints to that of Stitch and required Stitch's power cell to complete his creation. It is because of this that Dark End does not fall into Jumba's numbering system. Delia made Dark End as a combatant in order to defeat Stitch.



Dark End has a rather unique personality. Dark End has a polite, playful, and carefree attitude with a twisted sense of humor. He introduced himself to Hämsterviel, Gantu, and Reuben, and offered Hämsterviel a handshake only to lift him off floor and shake him in the air. When he met Stitch, Dark End assumed he is really nice and apologizes he has to defeat him. Dark End is penchant when it comes to manners as when Hämsterviel ordered him to fight Stitch, Dark End refused and requested him to say it again in a polite manner. Dark End is loyal to Delia and anyone who serves under her but even Dark End expected Delia to exhibit manners, getting annoyed when she ordered him to do something as Dark End claimed she could've asked nicely. Despite this, Dark End obeys Delia and follows her orders through.

Despite his politeness, Dark End is vicious, brutal, ruthless, cruel, and enjoys causing chaos. His playful attitude comes off as mischievous but he can also be sadistic, he takes joy in taunting and humiliating his foes insteading of finishing them off. Dark End wanted to keep tormenting Stitch after pulling him out of the fault Dark End created than shaking Stitch in the air. He is also sneaky and dishonest as he offered Stitch to be friends and a handshake only to electrocute and toss him in the air. Dark End has no qualms attacking anyone who gets in his way, especially children, as he is willing to attack Yuna when she refused to hand Stitch over. He also fought and attacked some experiments, Hiroman, his soccer team, and Yuna's friends for getting in his way.

Dark End is confident in his abilities and comes off quite condescending to his foes, which he deems their actions futile. As Delia created him as a combatant, Dark End enjoys fighting and expects his foes to put up a challenge, lamenting defeating Stitch easily to be a letdown, and got excited when some experiments, Yuna's and Stitch's friends joined in. Dark End also has a low opinion on family and friends, deeming he and Stitch are just experiments to them, and believes when they don't need experiments anymore they abandon them. Dark End even declare Stitch to be a failed experiment, indicating Dark End holds himself superior to Stitch and the other experiments.

Dark End's opinion on friends and his arrogance lead him to underestimate Stitch and failure to recognize the bonds he forged gave him the power to defeat Dark End.

Physical appearance

Dark End is a very dark purple, rabbit-like experiment with purple claws, two gold earrings on his right ear, large ears, similar to Delia's, with light blue insides, two dark purple upside-down V-shaped markings on his lower back, black eyes, a small yellow Mohawk, white fur on his belly from his muzzle down, hands, feet, and around his eyes, and a pink rabbit-like nose.

Dark End also has two extra, retractable arms, two long white and black tipped retractable antennaes on his head, three retractable spines tipped with white and black on his back, and his Mohawk becomes lavender.

Powers and abilities

Like Stitch, Dark End is able to mutate into a second form with four arms, two long antennae, and three spikes on his back. However, his eyes glow bright purple when doing so, and energy radiates off his body which can be fired off as purple energy blasts. He possesses Stitch's abilities of enhanced strength, invulnerability, and fighting skills. He also possesses other abilities, such as creating faults in the ground, flight, teleportation, and electricity. He is capable of speaking fluently.



Delia began the creation of Dark End at the start of Season 3 of the Stitch! anime and continued working on him until the second-to-last episode. After he was created, Delia then invaded Earth and sent out Dark End to defeat Stitch. Dark End easily had Stitch on the ropes, even with the help of some of the other experiments. However, Stitch eventually defeated Dark End using a hidden power he had. Afterwards, Jumba caught Dark End in a container, and the Grand Councilwoman arrested Delia, Hämsterviel, Gantu, and Reuben. Dark End has not been seen since.


  • In the Japanese version, Dark End is a female, but in the English dub, Dark End is a male.
  • Dark End is the second experiment that was not created by Jumba as he is created by Delia. The first is Skunkuna who was created by Dr. Hämsterviel.
    • While Dark End doesn't fall into Jumba's numbering system, Dark End could be considered Experiment 631.
  • Dark End serves as a foil to Stitch when it comes to family and friends. Unlike Stitch who values both concepts, Dark End believes people will abandon experiments once they don't need them anymore.
    • The power cell used to create Stitch and Dark End befits how the two are different with their views on family and friendship. Stitch's powers are supercharged when he remembers the bonds he forged but Dark End doesn't value either of the concept and while he is loyal to Delia they don't have a special bond unlike Stitch has with his creator.
  • Dark End could be considered an advanced genetic experiment as he has no known weaknesses. Since he is created after the 629 experiments, Dark End is likely immune to Angel's song, but not immune to the other experiments as Dark End avoided Spike's spikes.
  • Dark End has some similarities in character with Warracchi (a yokai): they both wreak havoc in one way or another, but at the same time, they do not like a rude attitude.


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