Dave Dennison is a minor character in Hocus Pocus. He is Jenny's husband and Max and Dani's father.

In the film, Dave had just relocated to Salem, Massachusetts with his family. On Halloween, he and Jenny go to a Halloween party. While they're there, Max takes Dani to the Sanderson Sisters' Cottage, where he accidentally resurrects them. Horrified, he and Dani go to the party where they try to warn Dave. Even though the Sanderson sisters have stalked them to there, so that Max can prove he speaks the truth, nobody buys it. The sisters put on a spellbinding performance, espeically Winifred, but in reality cast a bewitchment upon the party goers to make them continously dance until they should die. Dave and Jenny both fall victim to this spell. 

At 5am, Max goes to see his parents, but he becomes alarmed when he realizes that they still aren’t back. This is because they are still under the sisters' spell, and the sisters aren’t gone, even though Max attempted to burn them in his school’s pottery kiln. At sunrise, they turn to dust, and their spell is broken. An exhausted Dave returns home.

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