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David Gordon? [...] Well, I think, in Italian, that means a sneaky brownnoser with a hidden agenda, huh?
―Ms. Ungermeyer[src]

David Zephyr "Gordo" Gordon is one of the main characters of Lizzie McGuire. He is the best friend of both Lizzie and Miranda. He usually offers sarcasm and good advice. He is portrayed as being very intelligent, practical, and he is a "straight A" student. He was revealed to be Jewish, as shown in one episode where he had a bar mitzvah.


Lizzie McGuire

Gordo is the archetype of the nonconformist, as he prefers to be different from everybody else and follow his own path. He likes to film videos and wants to be a movie director, like Steven Spielberg. He once became obsessed with the game "Dwarflord" but Lizzie and Miranda bring him to his senses with Matt's help. It is revealed that he is Jewish and had a bar mitzvah. Gordo is always loyal to his friends, and his quick thinking often gets them out of trouble. He is very nerdy and an outsider.

He does not understand all the "girly" stuff that Miranda and Lizzie do.

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Along with Lizzie, Gordo prepares for graduation at their school, though Miranda is on vacation in Mexico City. Because of that, Gordo has to tell Lizzie if she looks amazing in her robe. He believes that it makes her look better than the others at the school, but this is immediately ruined by Kate calling Lizzie an "outfit repeater". While Lizzie has to do a speech due to class president Margaret Chan being unwell, Gordo stands with the rest of the students who are graduating. However, as Lizzie goes to leave for a drink of water, she trips and accidentally causes the curtain to fall onto the students, though Gordo is one of those who manages to get out from under the curtain. At that time, Lizzie's class are planning a two-week trip to Rome, Italy for the summer, run by their future principal Ms. Ungermeyer. As the class travel around Rome on their bus, Gordo, and Lizzie are amazed by all the different sights, then the bus stops at the Hotel Cambini, where the class will be staying during the trip. Ms. Ungermeyer puts Gordo into a room with Ethan Craft, but it does not stop him from taking Lizzie to the hotel's roof to see the view. He even promises Lizzie that no matter what happens, they will have adventures during the trip.

On the first day of the tour, Ms. Ungermeyer takes the class to the Trevi Fountain, traditionally where people make wishes by tossing a coin into the fountain. As he is in Rome with his best friend, Gordo feels satisfied letting Lizzie make a wish. Upon that moment, Lizzie notices an attractive young man staring at her. He introduces himself as Italian pop singer named Paolo Valisari, who observes that Lizzie is almost physically identical to his former partner, Isabella. That night, Lizzie and Gordo take a listen to one of Paolo and Isabella's albums, remarking that they are very talented. In order for Lizzie to meet Paolo again the next day, she feigns illness in Ms. Ungermeyer's presence so that she can stay at the hotel, and sneak away from the group, while Gordo covers for her. She's nearly caught when the tour bus stops behind her and Paolo while riding his moped. However, while Gordo succeeds in preventing Ms. Ungermeyer from spotting Lizzie, this also makes Ms. Ungermeyer very wary of Gordo' s intentions. As they head back to the hotel, Lizzie comes to Gordo's room to tell him that Paolo has a plan to have her act as Isabella for the upcoming International Music Video Awards, as Isabella is said to have refused to appear, which would result in Isabella getting sued if she does not turn up. Additionally, Lizzie notes how kind Paolo is to her, and thanks Gordo for his help, kissing his forehead as she heads back to her room to think about the amazing day she had. Afterward, Ethan appears, having eavesdropped on the conversation, and tells Gordo that attractive men like Paolo are usually approached, while others (Gordo) are left with the "sting" of rejection. Gordo begins to realize that Ethan thinks he is jealous of Paolo and tries to deny it, knowing that it would mean he has feelings for Lizzie.

The next day, while Lizzie spends another day with Paolo, Gordo is with the group as Ms. Ungermeyer shows them the Roman Forum, before she soon allows them to take a ten-minute break. During the break, Gordo notices two pretty Italian girls with a tabloid showing a picture of Lizzie, and goes to ask them if they can translate the tabloid for him, to which they agree if he introduces them to Ethan. Soon, Lizzie is once again in danger of being spotted by someone in her group, to which Gordo solves the problem by standing in front of Kate while she is trying to get her video camera to zoom. Arriving back at the hotel, Gordo comes into Lizzie and Kate's room to talk to Lizzie, while Kate, who figured out Lizzie had been out and promised to keep it quiet, joins in as well. The tabloid, translated in English, says that Paolo and Isabella are supposed to sing at the International Music Video Awards.

On the third day of the tour, the group has just arrived back at the hotel that afternoon, as Lizzie sneaks out to rehearse with Paolo. However, at that point, Ms. Ungermeyer attempts to head to Lizzie's room to give her a couple of apricots as the hotel doctor once prescribed two days earlier. Thinking fast, Gordo tries to distract Ms. Ungermeyer, but she immediately suspects that Lizzie had been sneaking out the whole time. Not wanting Lizzie to get in trouble, Gordo decides to accept the blame. As a result, Ms. Ungermeyer sends Gordo to the airport to fly back home on his own. While there, Gordo sees an irritated Isabella Parigi asking photographers why Lizzie's picture is on the news. He comes to tell her the whole thing about Paolo using Lizzie to take her place. Realizing a plot unfolding, Isabella takes Gordo to a secluded area to tell him that Paolo is using Lizzie as a setup because he is plotting to destroy Isabella's career. With no time to lose, Gordo and Isabella race to the IMVA to warn Lizzie about Paolo's plan. After some convincing, Lizzie believes them, but Paolo's stage crew forces her to get ready for her and Paolo's performance. Luckily for her, Gordo and Isabella have a plan to stop Paolo and get revenge, turning on his microphone to show the world that he cannot actually sing. This results in the paparazzi harassing him outside the Colosseum. To appease the upset crowd, Isabella does the performance with Lizzie, before the second verse, Isabella leaves Lizzie to sing the rest of the song on her own. Lizzie starts to feel anxious being alone in front of the crowd, but Gordo manages to calm her down by assuring her that she can do it. The performance turns out to be a success, making Lizzie now well known by the world.

At the after-party, Ms. Ungermeyer learns that Gordo's earlier confession had been false as Lizzie had told her about everything. She comes to the conclusion that Gordo has been a very loyal friend to Lizzie all along, a trait that goes a long way in terms of impressing her. She humorously remarks that they can look forward to four years of high school together, a fact Gordo is less than enthused about. When no one is looking, Lizzie and Gordo sneak up to Hotel Cambini's roof one last time to see the view, discussing their adventure. Before heading back to the after-party, a stunned Gordo gets kissed on the lips by Lizzie.


Lizzie McGuire

Gordo is one of Lizzie's best friends and has been since they were one day old. In the episode "The Untitled Stan Jenson Project", it was revealed that Lizzie had a crush on him in the fourth grade. In the episode "Dear Lizzie", it is revealed that Gordo has a crush on Lizzie. She never reveals her feelings in the series. However, they finally reveal their true feelings and kiss each other at the end of The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

Miranda Sanchez

Miranda is also one of Gordo's best friends. In the show, Miranda and Gordo do have their own sub-plots and interactions together without Lizzie, and they even hang out and seek advice from each other when Lizzie is not around.

Gordo and Miranda both have said before that they got each other's backs and are always supportive of each other's decisions. Both of them like to tease and bicker with each other but they get along pretty well.

They also were paired up together for a lot of the projects and activities in school such as in gym class (dance episode) and also social studies project (on Mexico and they have to make tamales).

Claire Miller

Gordo is shown to have a crush on her. Claire doesn't reciprocate as he is too short for her.

Brooke Baker

Brooke was Gordo's girlfriend in the episode "Gordo and the Girl". Lizzie is shocked when she sees the two kissing at the place they always hang out. It is possible that she was his first kiss. Gordo spends more time with his new girlfriend than his friends. Unfortunately, they break up at the end of the episode.

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