Dr. David Q. Dawson is the Queen's previously 66th Regiment in Afghanistan and one of the main protagonists from Disney's 1986 hit The Great Mouse Detective. He is voiced by Val Bettin.


Dr. Dawson is an obese bumbler who has a good heart and joins Basil on their hunt to find Olivia's father from the diabolical Professor Ratigan.

Role in the film

In the film, Dr. David Q. Dawson is a surgeon who returns home to London, England after military service in Afghanistan. After he hops off his carriage, Dawson comes across a little girl mouse named Olivia Flaversham, crying her eyes out about her father Hiram being captured by Fidget the bat, sidekick to the dastardly Professor Ratigan.

Other appearances


House of Mouse



  • Dr. Dawson used Daffy Duck's catch phrase, "You're despicable!" when he and Basil of Baker Street were tied up in a giant mouse trap by the dastardly Padriac Ratigan.

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