Dawn S. Folsom (more commonly known as Principal Folsom) is the principal of X Middle School, she is arguably the most powerful person in the program.


Folsom is more of a background character of the show, however, her history shows that she was once a student herself at X Middle School. As the principal, she can be strict but fair and usually places the school above all other things (except herself), in most episodes she make threats to take the Safety Patrol Headquarters and transform it into a Faculty Yoga Studio or a storage facility if they cannot solve the case before a deadline she sets.

She usually has favorites in the school and anyone who is close to her personally, if they are threatened by anything or anyone (including the safety patrol), she take effect personally. Folsom normally relies on the Vice Principal, Raycliff for small things such as fancy word play. She also appreciates and despises Cornelius Fillmore due to the fact that he normally always catches the criminal but causes the school to receive bills for things he destroys in the process.


Folsom doesn't show any skills in the series, however, she has power and authority over all students and teachers, she once gave Fillmore a pass so that he could leave the school grounds to track down a suspect.

Case File

  • Name: Dawn S. Folsom
  • Occupation: Principal of X Middle School
  • Associates: Raycliff
  • Organisations: Student Council, X Middle School Faculty


  • In This episode Next Stop, Armageddon Principal Dawn Folsom turns 40 years-old.
  • She acts more like a mayor in crime shows.
  • She is similar to M from the James Bond films as they are both strict and both tough.



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