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Define Dancing is a musical score cue heard in the 2008 Disney/Pixar animated film, WALL-E. It is a romantic score heard throughout the film and is one of the film's memorable scores heard in it.


The score plays during the part where a worried EVE hurries to rescue WALL-E who is using a fire hydrant to encounter her. Just as he shows the plant to EVE, she happily praises him just as he and EVE start a relationship across outer space across the Axiom just as John and Mary gaze upon the robots' relationship across their moments in space. It then loops to the part where the Captain tells the Axiom's computer to know what dancing is to which the computer gives him the definition (to which the score is named after one of the lines in that same scene). The score ends when WALL-E and EVE arrive back at the Axiom again.



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