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The Departure Agent is a character who appears in the 2017 Disney/Pixar animated film, Coco.


As her name implies, the Departure Agent is a female skeleton who scans skeletons of deceased people to cross the bridge before sunrise. Though she uses her computer, she only allows skeletons whose pictures are placed on their respective ofrendas in order for them to cross the bridge.

Role in the film

During the scene where Miguel Rivera and Dante arrive at the Land of the Dead's departure area, the Departure Agent is first seen scanning a skeleton couple whose computer shows an image of the couple's picture on their ofrenda in the real world, followed by Juan Ortodoncia who has his picture on his ofrenda and Héctor disguised as Frida Kahlo. Noticing this, the Departure Agent's computer shows no result of "Frida"'s picture on the ofrenda and she refuses to let the disguised skeleton cross the bridge. "Frida" is then revealed to be Héctor in disguise. As a result, Héctor cannot cross the bridge due to his photo not being placed on his family's ofrenda.

At the end of the film during the musical number "Proud Corazón", the Departure Agent finally allows Héctor to cross the bridge due to his photo being placed on the ofrenda after Mamá Coco put the torn photo of her father on the incomplete photo just as Héctor finally reunites with his family in rejoice.


  • In the Coco installment in the As Told by Emoji short series, the Arrival Agent takes the Departure Agent's role when scanning skeletons whose pictures must be placed on the ofrenda for them to cross the bridge.

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