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"DependaBill" is the first segment of the sixty-seventh episode of Big City Greens.


Bill tries too hard to impress a neighbor. Tilly investigates a sock conspiracy.


Bill, Nancy, Cricket, and Remy are returning from having ice cream when they see someone moving into the Elkins Apartment next door. Bill helps the new neighbor, Doug Perkins, move his things into his apartment. Doug displays a very accepting disposition towards Bill, which impresses him. Upon entering the apartment, Bill joyously discovers that Doug is into fishing and he just so happens to need a new fishing buddy after his other friend bailed at the last minute. While Bill clearly wants to fill the gap, he does not make it obvious. Meanwhile, Tilly and Gramma Alice are at the laundromat where the former realizes that she is missing a sock and tries looking for it.

Cricket suggests to Bill that he be direct and show how dependable he is. He shows up at Doug's apartment and offers to help him with fixing something for him. Doug tells him that he needs to fix the wiring in the ceiling; something Bill is unfamiliar with, but gives it a try anyway. Unfortunately this results in him getting electrocuted and falls through the ceiling; angering Doug who kicks him out. At the laundromat, Tilly begins to question the other customers who also have lost socks and she recruits Andromeda to help. After the owner, Mr. Fluffenfold, tells them that lost socks happen all the time, the girls are convinced that there is a lost sock conspiracy.

Cricket convinces Bill pretend to be a repairman to fix the wiring again. He does so and reveals himself to Doug, only for him to get angry again and kick him out. Bill is saddened over losing a potential friend, but this time Nancy tells him to just be honest with him. Tilly later finds her lost sock and the girls agree that they were overreacting. Unbeknownst to them however, Mr. Fluffenfold was watching them and reveals he secretly took Tilly's sock and put it back where she found it so she wouldn't suspect him, and was indeed behind a lost sock conspiracy. The others meet out by the pond where Bill apologizes to Doug for his behavior as he wanted a fishing buddy badly and wanted to impress him. Doug forgives Bill and he finally agrees to be his fishing buddy; sharing a good laugh with each other.



  • Cricket mentions the events of "Space Chicken".
  • The repairman resembles Super Mario. Shane Houghton, who voices the character, revealed that his name is Bario and that he was created by Jen Begeman.[1]
  • Nancy is noticeably more mature in this episode than previous ones.
  • Doug Perkins' apartment number is 204. This was an accident, as it is also the number for Alucard Grigorian. Chris Houghton stated that his wife Kassandra caught it late into the episode's production and they were unable to change it.[2]
  • Moral: Be honest when it comes to making friends, even with someone new.

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