Dewey Todd is a character from the 1997 made-for-TV film Tower of Terror, based on the bellhop character from The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction. He was portrayed by Parviz Perry Vessali in the attraction, and by John Franklin in the film.


The son of hotel magnate Dewey Todd, Sr., Dewey Jr. worked as a lowly bellhop at the Hollywood Tower Hotel prior to and during the events of the film. Being clumsy and sloppy, he often bumped into people and thus earned the ire of Gilbert, whom he has a rather lukewarm relationship with. Guilt-ridden, he blamed himself for the Halloween incident, later vowing to his grandson that he will "do something right", as he wasn't able to perform his duties properly as a porter and elevator operator when he was alive, let alone manage the hotel.

Dewey was also initially indifferent if not outright hostile towards Buzzy and Anna. At first, he and the other ghosts warded them off the hotel, wary of any intruders attempting to disturb them. He later lashed out at Buzzy for selfishly profiting from their deaths, bitterly comparing himself and the others to "zoo animals" should they be featured in the newspaper, but had a change of heart and jubilantly expressed his optimism when Buzzy and Anna promised to help bring closure to their fates.


  • In Behind-The-Scenes Video, for the making of; Tower Of Terror's Pre-Show, Dewey is shown wearing a Blue Bellhop Attire, rather than the Burgundy Suit which he wears in the Film as well as other Bellhops in the Attraction. This was likely so it would come out on the Black & White Video of the Twilight Zone Episode.


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