Dick Wesson was an American movie and television announcer. He is best known as the announcer for The Wonderful World of Disney from 1954-1979, and many Quinn Martin series.


Dick Wesson was born Henry Fry Simms in Boise, Idaho on February 20, 1919.


Wesson started in radio and worked as an announcer on early television shows, among them Space Patrol. On the live television special covering the opening of Disneyland, Wesson appeared as the captain of the Rocket To The Moon ride and was interviewed by Art Linkletter and Danny Thomas. He occasionally did some acting, including appearances in the Golden Horseshoe Revue show at Disneyland.

Wesson did the narration for many movie trailers, Disney and non-Disney, as well as the opening announcements for such television series as Hawaiian Eye, The Fugitive, and The Invaders.

Death and afterward

Dick Wesson committed suicide on January 27, 1979, aged 59 after battling cancer.

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