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"Different Drummer" is a deleted song from the film Pocahontas. It has Pocahontas singing about how she wants to be someone her father can be truly proud of, rather than merely someone who amuses him, but she can't because she's so different from everyone else. Grandmother Willow counters that Pocahontas's different way of thinking is a good one that she should stay true to, and that she wishes that more people would think like Pocahontas.


I know the paths my people walk
They're old and smooth and good
Why do I pick a different path
To follow through the wood?

And I know the songs my people sing
They're pure and true and strong
Why does my heart keep echoing
A new and different song?
Am I doing something wrong?

I hear a different drummer playing in my head
Why can't I hear the beat my brother hears instead?
Sometimes I wonder if
I'll dance right off a cliff
From dancing to a different drummer

I hear a different drummer playing, sweet and loud
I make my father laugh, but can I make him proud
Or will I always be
As useless as a flea?
As flighty as a bee in summer
From dancing to a different drummer

He ya, he ya
My sister Moon is shining bright
He ya, he ya
Why do I see things in a different light?


Grandmother Willow:
You hear a different drummer, daughter, I agree
But child, your music doesn't sound so strange to me
In fact, from where I stand
I hope it fills the land
Many a winter and a summer

Then why am I the only dancer
Who's dancing to a different drummer?

I want to see my father's eyes
Smile at me with pride
I want to know when he's feeling lost
I can be his guide
But does it mean I have to change
Who I am inside?

Grandmother Willow:
Meanwhile there's nothing you can do
Except to go on being you

Except to go on dancing to a different drummer


  • This song seems to have been made rather early in the film's development, as Pocahontas mentions having a brother and gives off a more childlike impression than she does in the finished film.

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