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Dimension Films is an American production studio and former label of Miramax Films known mainly for distributing mature horror and action films. It was founded in 1992 and was independent for one year until 1993, when the company was acquired by the Walt Disney Company as part of its acquisition of Dimensions' then-parent company, Miramax Films. Dimension Films then became a sub-studio placed within the Walt Disney Studios when its then-parent company, Miramax Films, was re-organized under the unit.

In 2005, the company was sold to founder Bob Weinstein, and his brother Harvey Weinstein, as a result of the brothers' leaving Miramax Films as a result of disputes with then-CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Michael Eisner, and was placed as a subsidiary of their then-newly founded company, The Weinstein Company.

In 2018, The Weinstein Company filed for bankruptcy as a result of the sexual harassment allegations made against co-founder Harvey Weinstein, and a new company, known as Lantern Entertainment, unaffiliated with the Weinsteins, was formed after they had acquired their assets through a bankruptcy auction, which included Dimension Films.

Films distributed by Disney under their ownership

Films distributed by Disney after their ownership

  • Scary Movie 4 (2006; international distribution outside the United States)


  • Every Dimension film released from 1992 through 2005 were distributed through Miramax Films, as Dimension served as both a production arm and studio label, and therefore did not have their own distribution unit, similarly to other mature labels owned by Disney at the time, such as Touchstone Pictures and Hollywood Pictures.
  • The rights to the films distributed by Dimension Films from 1992 through 2005 stayed with Miramax Films after the Weinstein brothers' split from Miramax.
    • This also meant that Disney continued to own the rights to the films that they distributed for an additional five years until they sold Miramax to Filmyard Holdings in 2010.
  • The sequels to the original Air Bud series were the only films that were released by Dimension to be marketed under the Disney banner.
    • The Spy Kids franchise, however, received a line of original comics featured in the Disney Adventures magazine.
    • Coincidentally, Air Bud was originally going to be released through Dimensions' then-parent company, Miramax Films, however sometime during development, it was moved to the Walt Disney Pictures banner shortly before release.
  • During the production of Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams, Disneyland was considered for the filming location of Troublemaker Theme Park, however Disney, who owned the film during development and at the time of release, refused to let the filmmakers film there, so Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas was chosen instead.
  • The 2001 film O was originally going to be released by Dimension Films, however, in the wake of the Columbine shooting, Dimension decided to sell the rights to Lions Gate Films shortly before its' original release.
    • Years later however, the rights reverted back to Miramax (who held the rights to Dimensions' library of films released from 1992 through 2005) for unknown reasons, however by the time this occurred, Miramax Films was no longer owned by The Walt Disney Company.

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