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I'm a Mandalorian. Weapons are part of my religion.
―Din Djarin

Din Djarin aka "The Mandalorian", also sometimes called Mando, is the titular protagonist of the Disney+ original series The Mandalorian. He is a reputed Mandalorian bounty hunter operating at the time of the New Republic some years after the fall of the Galactic Empire. During one of his huntings, he met a mysterious Force-sensitive infant named Grogu of the same species as Yoda nicknamed "The Child", who happened to be his target with whom he formed a close bond and to seek to protect at all costs, putting him in conflict with other bounty hunters as well as the surviving Imperial Remnant that had originally hired him. Din is an "adopted" Mandalorian, since he wasn't born on Mandalore. Despite this, after defeating the Imperial Remnant’s leader, Moff Gideon, the Mandalorian then acquired ownership of the Darksaber thus making him the rightful ruler of Mandalore.


In his youth, Din Djarin lived with his parents on an unidentified planet that was victim of a separatist attack in which his parents lost their lives by protecting him. A super battle droid flushed him out and would have killed him without the intervention of Death Watch. This tragic event remained in his memory years later.

Some time later, he joined a Mandalorian clan called "The Tribe", settled on a volcanic world. When he was old enough, Din pledged allegiance to the Mandalorian creed, thus becoming one of their own and acquired armor and weapons from his new people, before joining the Bounty Hunters' Guild. In 9 ABY, five years after the destruction of the second Death Star and the final defeat of the Empire, the Mandalorian had gained an excellent reputation as a bounty hunter, which provoked the jealousy of other members of the Guild.

He once teamed up with two mercenary Twi'leks, Qin and his sister Xi'an, and things went very badly between the three of them.


Competent and dangerous, this bounty hunter is able to be ruthless and merciless to those he tracks or those who put themselves on his way. He is constantly alert and will draw his weapons if he feels as though someone is about to attack him. Endowed with a morality more than doubtful, it is difficult to surround his facial emotions because he never removes his helmet.

Solitary and somewhat antisocial, the Mandalorian has a respectful relationship with the Mandalorian Armorer who is also aware of the fact that he is an orphan, he is also able to show great respect towards someone who earns his trust, like Kuiil whom he even offered his gratitude when the Ugnaught has at the same time refused a payment and also to becoming his partner.

Mando deeply respects the creed of Mandalore, just like the rules of the Tribe, that is to say: never removed his helmet in front of a living being even if his life depends on it and would prevent anyone from doing it--although he found a loophole by allowing IG-11, who was not alive in the first place, to remove it to heal him. He strictly adheres to the creed no matter what the situation is, even when breaking it could very well save his life. Initially, like the other members of the Children of the Watch, Din had a low regard for Mandalorians who did not cover their faces as he does, not considering them true Mandalorians. This changed however, after fighting alongside Bo-Katan and her crew, coming to accept them as true Mandalorians despite their different belief systems. This also encouraged Din to bend the rules of his clan occasionally, knowing now that they were not the way of all Mandalorians. At one point, he lifted his helmet partway off in front of Grogu so he could sip his soup, and he later changed out of his armor completely to disguise himself as a stormtrooper, albeit still not showing his face until he absolutely had to.

Beneath his stoic exterior, the Mandalorian is, in truth, a bit of a tortured soul who is plagued by the memories of his parents’ death and the destruction of his village. Watching his parents and people slaughter in front of him by battle droids as a child has left him with a near pathological hatred and distrust for all droids: deadly or not. Even after IG-11 was reprogrammed by Kuiil, Djarin still refused to trust it feeling that the droid was bound to turn on them at some point. However, after IG-11 saved him and sacrificed itself for him, Grogu, Karga, and Dune Djarin came to realize he was wrong about IG-11 and thus was able to overcome his hatred of droids. Despite being more use to their presence, Djarin does still have some issues when dealing with droids, though nowhere near to the extant as before.

Due to having been an orphan himself, he seems to have a deep sympathy for the other orphans and this same sympathy also extends to "The Child" who was initially a target for him, caring first of his security only to get his payment for it evolves to the point that he risks his life and betray the guild to save him from these employers. As time goes on, the Mandalorian grows to care about the child’s well-being to the point that he was willing to leave him at the village on Sorgan, believing that he could live a happy life there. After the child was officially made a foundling by the armorer and the Mandalorian was declared as his father, his care for the child started to become parental. By the time they met Ahsoka Tano on Corvus, Djarin had come to regard to child as his son. After learning the child’s name of Grogu for the first time, Djarin even found himself laughing and enjoying the time he spent with him showing how positively Grogu was influencing his character. After Grogu was abducted by Moff Gideon, Djarin was determined to rescue him, so much so that he even reluctantly broke the Children of Watch’s code of never revealing their faces to others, despite being left ashamed and disturbed by what he had done. When the time came for Djarin to hand Grogu over to Luke Skywalker’s care, Djarin was deeply saddened of having to let his adopted son go to the point of removing his helmet and shedding tears, showing just how much he had come to love Grogu.


  • Expert Fighter: As Mandalorian, he has been extensively trained from a young age, making him an expert in hand-to-hand combat. He was able to defend himself against the ambush attacks of three Trandoshan, defeat three thugs without much difficulty and also defeat Death Troopers.
  • Expert Marksman: Mando is extremely competent in various types of blasters, whether shooting long or short distance. He is also a highly skilled sniper.
  • Bilingual: Mando is able to understand the Jawas language, but he does not know how to speak it very well. He also knows a sign language used to communicate with hostile Tusken Raiders.
  • Skilled Pilot: Mando is a highly skilled pilot. He has been able to battle and evade even the most skilled of starship pilots with the Razor Crest, before it's eventual destruction.
  • Skilled Mechanic: Mando is also a highly skilled starship mechanic. After he regained the stolen parts of the Razor Crest, he worked alongside Kuiil to completely repair the starship and his own armor in one night.

Weapons and Equipment

  • Beskar Armor: After completing his job for the Client, Mando receives a full suit of beskar armor, capable of protecting him from most blaster fire and even lightsaber attacks.
  • Blaster: Mando uses a blaster as his main weapon.
  • Amban sniper rifle: Mando uses it to attack or spy remotely. The rounds can disintegrate a target in one shot.
  • Explosives: Mando employs several timed explosives on missions, powerful enough to take down a TIE fighter.
  • Vibro-Knife: Mando does not use it much, but this knife is able to penetrate the armor of a stormtrooper and the hide of a mudhorn.
  • Jetpack: A final gift from the Armorer, Mando uses this to reach higher areas and travel to destinations faster than on foot.
  • Mandalorian vambrace: Like many Mandalorians, Mando uses a vambrace containing several built-in weapons, including a flamethrower and a whipcord.
  • Whistling birds: Stored in his vambrace, Mando uses these small, rocket-like weapons to take out multiple enemies at once.
  • Beskar Spear: Made from the same material as his armor, Mando uses this spear to engage opponents wielding lightsabers.
  • Darksaber: After besting Moff Gideon in combat, Mando is now the owner of the Darksaber, unintentionally challenging Bo-Katan's claim to the throne of Mandalore.


The Mandalorian

Season 1

In The Mandalorian, On a planet of ice, Mando goes to a bar filled with rogues, three of whom harassed a Mythrol. One of the stalkers tries to provoke him, even going as far as to graze the beskar armor with a knife. Mando grabs a glass and uses it to hit the thug before banging him with the second scum and killing the Quarren by closing the door on him, cutting him in half. The Myrthol wanted to thank the Mandalorian but to his great misfortune, he had come to capture him.

Once outside the planet, the Myrthol tries to convince his kidnapper not to deliver him, but the bounty hunter just ignored him until his prisoner descended into the lower part of the ship where he discovered with horror others prisoner locked in carbonite before being carbonated himself by the mandalorian. Arrived on Nevarro, Mando went to see the leader of the guild, Greef Karga to collect his bounty. Refusing first the imperial credits which according to him was worth nothing, he obtained Calamari Flan instead and asked for another mission but found that the premiums were not worth much, so Greef offered him an alternative of Mission may be common with a man named "The Client" whom he should meet in person.

Arrived at the meeting place, Mando knocks on the door and shows a magnetic card to the door droids then enters and is escorted by a GNK droid. In the room, The Client accompanied by some Stormtroopers, welcomes Mando mentioning that Greef had informed him about the reputation of the mandalorian. The conversation cut short when Dr. Pershing suddenly entered the room, prompting Mando to point his blaster at him. The Stormtroopers targeted the bounty hunter and despite their numerical superiority, Mando was not intimidated. The Client calmed the conflict and then proceeded to explain the purpose of the mission: to recover a person of about fifty on Arvala-7 by promising that the reward will be a huge amount of Beskar, even offering a brick of this same metal to the bounty hunter.

Mando then went to the enclave where the tribe lived and gave the beskar to the gunsmith so that she could forge a new Pauldron for him. During the making, Mando had flashbacks from his childhood the day the separatists attacked and killed his parents.

Once on Arvaka-7, he scanned the area before being suddenly attacked by Blurrgs until an old Ugnaught was crested with darts, saving the Mandalorian to whom he asked if he was a bounty hunter, which Mando confirmed. The Ugnaught took Mando to his home and introduced himself as Kuiil. Kuiil then informed the mandalorian that he had helped other bounty hunter in the same mission and that none of them survived. Advised by Kuiil, Mando tries to ride a Blurrg but after some failure, he gives up but tries again when Kuiil reminds him that his ancestors knew how to ride the Mythosaur and finally succeeded in taming it.

On Blurrgs' back, they cover several kilometers of gorge and crevasse to arrive at the camp where the target of the mandalorian is. Halfway, Kuiil indicates the rest of the way to go before returning home, but before he leaves, Mando wants to pay him for his help but Kuiil declines his offer, considering that if Mando gets rid of the mercenaries, peace will return to his valley and will be sufficient payment.

Arrived at the site, Mando crossed paths with another member of the guild, the assassin droid IG-11. After a bad start, the two bounty hunters agreed to collaborate and share the bounty. Once all the mercenaries were eliminated, they entered the hangar and IG-11 detected a single form of life which turned out to be a young child aged fifty due to the biology of his species, as well as the target. IG-11 is about to eliminate the kid but Mando shoots him quickly in the head.

In The Child, Mando brings his target back to his ship but on the way, three trandoshans attack him by surprise. He succeeds in killing one of them, which forces the other two to flee. Unfortunately for him, it is not the last of his problems, when he finds Jawas stealing pieces of his ship and managed to escape with it.

Stuck on this world, Mando returns to see Kuiil who reveals to him that he knows where to find the Jawas and that he will be able to negotiate with them, despite the fact that the Mandalorian is skeptical about it. After a rainy trip, the two travelers find the jawas, whose language Kuiil knows speak and the negotiation begins. The Jawas first demand the beskar, which is out of the question for Mando who tries to say in their language that its stolen parts belong to him only so that the Jawas laughs at mediocre mastery of their language, comparing him to a Wookie. Annoyed, Mando almost burns the mocking Jawa until Kuiil calms him down and succeeds in finally finding an agreement with the thieves.

To recover his stolen pieces, Mando must recover a Mudhorn egg, gigantic and violent creatures. Arrived in the cave of the beast, Mando accidentally awakens the creature which with a powerful blow of the horn pierces his coat of arms for beskar. While the Mudhorn charges the bounty hunter, the mysterious child uses force to lift the beast which gives Mando time to stick his knife into the Mudhorn's neck.

After recovering his pieces and with the help of Kuiil, Mando repairs his ship. He offers to Ugnauth to become his partner but Kuiil politely declines, declaring to have worked all his life to escape from servitude. Mando then offers him his gratitude and Kuiil does the same to thank him for bringing peace to his valley.

In The Sin, back on Nevarro, Mando takes the little creature to the Client's office. Once his pay from Beskar is obtained and The Child takes The Child elsewhere, Mando questions what awaits the little one but only gets a reminder that the guild is not supposed to care about this. The bounty hunter then returns to the Mandalorian lair where he finds The Armorer to replace his damaged armor with the Beskar he brings back. His loot attracts him the contempt of Paz Vizsla because of the Beskar origin of an imperial refinery, which in his eyes makes Mando a coward who shares the table with the empire. Vizsla then attempts to remove Mando's helmet, leading to a brief skirmish between them until The Armorer brings it to an end. In addition to new armor, Mando also receives Whistling Birds after refusing a seal from Mud Hord due to how the beast's death was not honorable. Mando immediately sets out on the hunt for bounties with his new armor but suddenly feels remorse, he goes to save The Child. Although he manages to get through the Stormtroopers, Mando soon finds himself facing Karga and the other bounty hunters, coming to retrieve The Child. Opponents are quick to surround Mando until the rest of The Tribe arrives as reinforcements, allowing Mando to return to Razor Crest. However, Karga ambushes him when he arrives, claiming that he has betrayed the code. The Mandalorian, however, manages to shoot Karga and flee out of Nevarro.

In Sanctuary, now fugitives, Mando and The Child stop on Sorgan where he meets a former rebellious troopers by the name of Cara Dune who prefers the bounty hunter not to stay here any longer. Before he could leave, Mando is approached by two locals asking for his help in defending their village from Klatooinian looters. Mando also recruits Cara on this mission and the duo find out that the Klatooinians have an AT-ST Raider, making things more complicated. Trying at first to convince the villagers to flee, Mando decides to train them for the coming battle, also bonding with the local woman, Omera. After provoking in their camp, the Klatooinians launch an assault on the village with the AT-ST but end up defeated and the Imperial machine sinks into the mud. In the aftermath of the fight, Mando chose to leave The Child in the village and was almost reluctant to stay there too. After Cara takes down another bounty hunter, Mando realizes that more will be coming for the little creature, forcing him to keep him with him.

In The Gunslinger, following a firefight that left the Razor Crest heavily damaged, Mando came to rest on Tatooine at Hangar 3-5 at Peli Motto. Needing money to pay for repairs, he goes to Chalum Cantina hoping to get hired for a bonus. Rookie bounty hunter Toro Calican offers to help him capture the dangerous assassin Fennec Shand, whose reputation Mando knows about, the deal being that Mando keeps the credits while Toro uses Fennec's capture to enter the guild. . Confiding The Child in Motto, Mando follows Toro across the dune sea on Speeder bikes, stumbling upon some Tusken Raiders before finally finding Fennec on ground where she has the advantage in broad daylight. At nightfall, Mando and Toro launch an assault in Speeders and flash charge to approach Fennec and capture him, but at the cost of destroying Mando's Speeder. With Toro refusing to leave the veteran bounty hunter alone with Fennec, Mando sets off to find the Dewback from earlier, only to find that Toro is gone and Fennec apparently dead. Back at Hangar 3-5, Mando finds himself face to face with Toro who has taken Motto and The Child hostage. Mando pretends to retreat then uses a flash charge to blind Toro and kill him. Mando then pays Motto with the late Rookie's money and then leaves Tatooine.

In The Prisoner, still in need of money, Mando meets his former partner Ranzar Malk who offers him a mission in collaboration with a team of mercenaries, including Xi'an, to rescue someone on a New Republic prison freighter, although the Razor Crest is the main reason for Mando's inclusion. Throughout the mission, the atmosphere between Mando and the mercenaries remains tense, especially after the murder of Officer Davan. When it turns out that the person in question is Qin, the mercenaries betray and lock Mando in Qin's cell. Mando manages to escape and neutralize each of the mercenaries one by one then captures Qin and shoots down the Droid Zero before he shoots The Child. After bringing Qin to Malk, Mando retreats with his payment just before X-Wings storm Ranzar station thanks to a tracker Mando left on Qin, anticipating Ranzar's failed betrayal.

In The Reckoning, Mando receives a message left by Karga, who survived their last meeting, offering to eliminate The Client who had meanwhile taken control of the town of Nevarro, also meaning that the hunt for The Child could finally end. . Mando picks up Cara on Sorgan then the two go to Arvala-7 to recruit Kuiil. Much to Mando's dismay, Kuiil has repaired and reprogrammed IG-11 and brings it with him, despite the Mandalorian's deep resentment towards this droid for nearly killing The Child the last time around.

Reuniting with Karga and his mens outside the city so as not to attract attention, the group sets out on the road until nightfall where as they discuss the plan of action, they are attacked by poisonous flying reptiles. one of which injures Karga who is then saved by the Child's Heal Force. Arriving in sight of the city, Karga shoots down the rest of his men, revealing that he actually plans to kill Mando and then deliver the green creature to the Client but repents after The Child saves his life. While Kuiil brings The Child back to the ship, Mando pretends to have been captured by Cara and Karga to approach The Client but the trio are quickly cornered inside the Cantina by the entirety of the Imperial remnant led by their real leader, Moff Gideon.

In Redemption, stuck and only having until dusk to surrender, Mando reveals knowing Gideon since the Imperial was a liaison during the Mandalore purge, also revealing how he became a Mandalorian without even being born on the planet in question. The trio receive unexpected help from an IG-11 who saved The Child following Kuiil's murder. During the firefight, Mando is seriously injured by an explosion caused by Gideon. He urges the others to leave him behind while they flee into the sewers to reach the lair of The Tribe. IG-11 stays with Mando and attempts to remove his helmet to treat him, a move Mando responds with the threat to shoot IG-11 if he only tries, continuing to cling to the creed forbidding him to show his face. to living beings. IG-11 retorts that he is not a living being and completely removes Din's helmet before treating his head injury with a bacta spray.

Joining the others in the sewers, Mando returns to the lair to discover the remains of his countrymen's armor. The Armorer then appears, revealing that the Mandalorians purposely unmasked themselves and that many may have survived. She also explains to Mando that The Child is part of Mandalore's ancestral enemy, The Jedi and that by having saved The Child, he made him a Foudling of whom he is now the adoptive father until he brings back. the little one among his own. Mando also receives the seal of the Mud Horn to confirm the clan of two he forms with The Child and a jetpack. The group flees through the rivers of lava but finds the exit blocked by the Stormtroopers. IG-11 decides to sacrifice himself for a chance to escape. Mando opposes it but IG-11 assures him that he doesn't have to be sad because he only wants to ensure the survival of The Child. After IG-11's self-destruction, the quartet are attacked by Gideon aboard his TIE. Using his new jetpack, Mando manages to shoot down Gideon in mid-flight. With the imperial remnant defeated, Karga offers Mando a new place in the guild, just to decline it in favor of his new mission to bring The Child back among his people. Before leaving, Mando buries the late Kuiil.

Season 2

In The Marshal, Mando has been looking for his fellow Mandalorians for some time to help him find the Jedi. He finds gangster Gor Koresh and after close questioning, learns that a Mandalorian lives in the town of Mos Pelgo on Tatooine. Back on the desert planet, Mando drops off his ship at Hangar 3-5, this time letting the Dum Droids maintain his ship, before continuing the journey with Toro's Speeder Bike. Arrived at Mos Pelgo, he questions a Weequay bartender on where to find the Mandalorian who also happens to be Mos Pelgo's marshall, only so that the latter does not show himself in person. Mando realizes, however, that the individual, Cobb Vanth, is not like him the instant he takes off his helmet, prompting Djarin to force the marshall to hand over the armor he is wearing. Before they get to the blasters, a Dragon Krayt appears in the city. Vanth then offers Mando to return the armor to him in exchange for his help in killing the Krayt.

Unable to use the Razor Crest as the Krayt would sense the vibrations and remain hidden, Mando follows Vanth to the creature's lair. Along the way, they encounter Massifs that the Mandalorian easily tames. A tribe of Tusken Raiders then appears, also wanting to eliminate the Krayt. At nightfall, Mando stops the tensions between Vanth and the Sand People then the next day, the Tuskens bring the two men to the Krayt lair, an abandoned Sarlacc nest. The odds are not on their side, Mando and Vanth manage to convince the inhabitants of Mos Pelgo to ally with the Tuskens, despite the old resentment between the two peoples. All gathered in front of the nest, the alliance faces the formidable giant monster which alone slaughters several fighters. Getting eaten with a Bantha covered in an explosive charge, Mando manages to exit the Krayt's belly and then unleashes the internal detonation, finally killing the beast. As promised, Vanth returns the armor to Mando, also hoping that they will meet again one day.

In The Passenger, Mando and The Child return to Mos Eisley after being ambushed by thieves, resulting in the destruction of the Speeder. He meets Motto again and learns that a batrachian alien nicknamed Frog Lady to a husband who has seen Mandalorians but that in order to have the information, he must deposit it in the Trask system with his offspring, all without using the hyper -space. The start of the journey starts off pretty tense, with Frog Lady speaking no language Mando knows and The Child constantly trying to eat the eggs. Things get worse when two New Republic patrol boats intercept Razor Crest. Mando attempts to scatter them over the snowy world of Maldo Kreis, only to get his ship stuck in an icy cave.

With the Razor Crest pinned to the ground by ice, Mando accepts that there isn't much he can do about it until a Frog Lady using Zero's leftovers to communicate in basic urges the bounty hunter to finish the game. travel to Trask as agreed. Mando claims the market no longer holds on to their terms but reluctantly changes his mind when Frog Lady declares that the Mandalorians still keeping their promise was just a legend. They are later attacked by giant spiders and have to greet them to the two patrollers who recognize Djarin as part of Qin's escape mission but since he helped capture the mercenaries, they just let him go on condition have him fix the Razor Crest transponder. Following a fairly mediocre makeshift repair, the ship finally left the snow-covered planet.

In The Heiress, approaching Trask, the repairs begin to drop as soon as the atmosphere enters. The Razor Crest ends up in the water and is then taken care of by a Mon Calamari worker while Mando escorts Frog Lady to her husband. The male Frog out of gratitude directs Mando to where he have seen the notorious Mandalorians. Inside, Mando comments on dining for The Child and then makes a deal with a boatman Quarren to join the Mandalorians.

Unfortunately, the boatman sets a trap for Djarin by locking him in the tank of the Mamacore by throwing The Child there first, wanting to appropriate the beskar. Suddenly, three Mandalorians Nite Owls appear, eliminate the Quarrens, and save Mando and The Child. At first very grateful to them, Mando becomes suspicious when they remove their helmets. The leader introduces herself as Bo-Katan Kryze, explaining to be a Mandalorian born on Mandalore while revealing that Mando is actually part of the Child of the Watch, a fanatic sect detached from Mandalore society to rekindle old forgotten ways. Mando dismisses this, claiming that it's only Mandalore's path that matters and leaves the trio, flying away with his adopted son in the distance.

Back on the docks, the duo are ambushed by vengeful Quarrens. Bo-Katan, Koska and Axel once again come to Mando's aid by eliminating the rest of the Quarrens, followed by an invitation from Bo-Katan to Mando to go have a drink with them. Bo-Katan tells him about her plan to reclaim Mandalore, something Mando doesn't care about due to the sad state of the planet and that he has to find the Jedi. Bo-Katan therefore offers Djarin to help them steal weapons aboard an Imperial freighter in exchange for the position of a Jedi.

The next day, after entrusting The Child to the Frogs parents, Mando and the three Nite Owls infiltrate the massive ship in mid-air, making their way to the weapons warehouse. At this point, Bo-Katan plans to take full control of the freighter from now on. Mando opposes this change, only to have Bo-Katan change the terms of their agreements, much to Mando's displeasure. On the way to the bridge, the freighter begins to plunge towards the ocean and the stormtroopers block the only access. Mando uses his beskar armor to approach and throws grenades before storming the bridge with Bo-Katan and Koska. He and Koska manage to barely avoid the plunge. The takeover fulfills, Bo-Katan gives Mando the position of Ahsoka Tano in the town of Calodan on Corvus but hopes he will join her fight to free Mandalore in the future. Mando then retrieves The Child and leaves Trask in a rather poorly patched up Razor Crest.

Disney Parks

Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities

Din's helmet and rifle are mounted on the wall in the possession of Dok-Ondar.

Trader Sam's

Din is indirectly referenced in the name of the secret menu item, "The Bounty" which is modelled after Grogu.


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  • According to the Jawas, The Mandalorian speaks their language so badly that he sounds "like a Wookiee".
  • The name of "The Mandalorian" was revealed by Pedro Pascal in an interview conducted by ScreenSlam released on the same day as Chapter 1 of the first season, with the website spelling the name as "Dyn Jarren". He was finally named in the eighth chapter of the first season, with the spelling "Din Djarin".
  • He has an aversion to droids, probably because as a child, he was nearly killed by a Super Battle Droid.
  • By saving Grogu, Mando unwittingly makes him a foundling as he had been in the past and as the Mandalorian creed wants it, he became Grogu’s stepfather, at least until he brings him back to those of his kind.
  • It was revealed in Star Wars Rebels, Mandalorians have family houses; it is unclear if the Mandalorian and the other Mandalorians seen in the show come from a house too.
  • He is the second Mandalorian to be a main protagonist, the first being Sabine Wren.
    • He and Sabine share a few things in common.
      • Both had some connections with the Empire (The Mandalorian was hired by the empire to capture the child while Sabine joined the empire thinking they would bring peace to her world both also betrayed the empire upon knowing/learning their intentions wasn't true).
      • Both are bounty hunters who wear Mandalorian armor (Sabine was once a bounty hunter before becoming a rebel the Mandalorian still works as a bounty hunter).
      • Both held the Darksaber at some point in their lives.
  • In Star Wars Rebels, Sabine shot a Stormtrooper in the face at close range the Mandalorian shot a stormtrooper in a similar manner in Episode 8.
  • It is revealed in Chapter 16: The Rescue that by defeating Moff Gideon in battle, Mando now has the sole right to wield the Darksaber and is thus the rightful ruler of Mandalore.
  • Din in Arabic means "religion" or "way of life".

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Sequel Trilogy: FinnPoe DameronLor San TekkaMaz KanataSupreme Leader SnokeGeneral HuxFirst Order TIE PilotsSidon IthanoTeedoUnkar PluttPraetorian GuardRose TicoVice Admiral Amilyn HoldoDJZorii BlissJannahAllegiant General Pryde
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Hondo OhnakaCham SyndullaCad BaneNumaBo-Katan KryzeSaw Gerrera
Star Wars Rebels: Garazeb OrreliosSabine WrenHera SyndullaAgent KallusCikatro VizagoZare LeonisMaketh TuaValen Rudor Cumberlayne AreskoMyles GrintZare LeonisJai KellTseeboAzmoriganGall TrayvisImperial Combat DriversKassius KonstantineQuarrieKetsu OnyoBrom TitusRyder AzadiEphraim and Mira BridgerThrawnArihnda PryceChavaGronFenn RauThe BenduGar SaxonJun SatoMart MattinGooti TerezJonner JinMorad SumarUrsa WrenTristan WrenYogar LysteVult SkerrisRukh
Star Wars Resistance: Kazuda XionoTam RyvoraJarek YeagerTorra DozaFreya FenrisGriff HalloranElrik VonregImanuel DozaTiernyNeeku Vozo
The Mandalorian: Din DjarinGroguGreef KargaCara DuneKuiilMoff Gideon

Others from comics: AphraDok-OndarVi Moradi

R2-D2C-3PORX-24G2-9TG2-4TAly San SanR2-MKGonk droidsC1-10PROX-NWEG-1618AC-38R5-D2BB-8ID9 Seeker DroidAP-5K-2SOBattle DroidsSuper Battle DroidKalaniDroidekasR3-A3Imperial Sentry DroidEG-86BB-9EL3-37IG-88D-O
SarlaccTauntaunBanthaEwoksWookieesGungansTwi'leksJawasTogrutaHuttRodiansTusken RaidersDewbacksRancorKrayt DragonYoda's SpeciesGungansLoth-catFyrnockPurrgilKyuzoConvorKryknaLasatRathtarPuffer PigGeonosianZabraksLoth-WolfPorgVulptexFathierVexis
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TatooineDeath StarYavin 4HothDagobahYoda's HutCloud CityBespinDeath Star IIEndorRylothNabooCoruscantJedi TempleKaminoGeonosisKashyyykMustafarMandaloreLothalLothal Jedi TempleBraccaJakkuStarkiller BaseTakodanaD'QarLuke Skywalker's Jedi TempleAhch-ToFirst Jedi TempleTree LibraryMirror CaveAtollonGarelMalachorMalachor Sith TempleWobaniRing of KafreneEaduScarifJedhaDathomirDantooineCantonicaCanto BightCraitBatuuExegol
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The ForceStar Wars: Star Tours (toy line)

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Ratatouille: RemyLinguini
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Inside Out: JoySadnessAngerDisgustFearBing Bong
The Good Dinosaur: Arlo
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Soul: Joe22

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The Lion King: SimbaTimonPumbaaRafikiScarSpirit MufasaNalaShenziBaby Simba
The Little Mermaid: ArielFlounderSebastianUrsulaKing TritonPrince EricWedding ArielVanessaFlotsam
Bambi: BambiThumper
The Aristocats: Marie
Hundred Acre Wood: Winnie the PoohTiggerPigletEeyoreRabbitHoney Bee PoohFlower PigletBunny Tigger
Pinocchio: Jiminy CricketPinocchioBlue FairyFigaro
Dumbo: DumboTimothy Mouse
Peter Pan: Tinker BellPeter PanCaptain HookWendyNanaSmeeJohn DarlingSlightly
Aladdin: The GenieAladdinJasmineJafarAbuRajahIagoMagic CarpetDisguised JasmineSnake JafarVacation Genie
Alice in Wonderland: AliceWhite RabbitCheshire CatMad HatterCaterpillarThe Queen of HeartsDoorknob
Cinderella: CinderellaFairy GodmotherGusPrince CharmingJaqLuciferAnastasiaDrizellaLady TremaineWedding Cinderella
Frozen: ElsaAnnaOlafSvenKristoffMarshmallowGrand PabbieThe Fire SpiritElsa the Snow QueenQueen Anna
Lilo & Stitch: StitchLiloJumbaScrumpAngel
Zootopia: Judy HoppsNick WildeClawhauserFinnickFlash
Beauty and the Beast: BelleThe BeastLumiereCogsworthMrs. PottsChip PottsGastonEnchantressWinter BelleFancy Beast
Moana: MoanaMauiPuaHei HeiGramma TalaTamatoaBaby MoanaTe FitiKakamora Chief
Mulan: MulanMushuCri-KeePingShan Yu
Tangled: RapunzelPascalFlynn RiderMaximusTiara RapunzelMother GothelWedding Maximus
Sleeping Beauty: AuroraPrince PhillipMaleficentFloraFaunaMerryweather
The Jungle Book: BalooKaaKing Louie
Fantasia: Sorcerer's Apprentice MickeyYen Sid
One Hundred and One Dalmatians: Cruella De VilPerditaPatch
The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack SkellingtonSallyZeroOogie BoogieSanta JackDr. FinkelsteinThe MayorChristmas Sally
Pocahontas: PocahontasFlitMeekoPercyGrandmother WillowGovernor Ratcliffe
Big Hero 6: Hiro HamadaBaymax
Wreck-It Ralph: VanellopeRalphYesssFix-It Felix Jr.CalhounKing Candy
The Princess and the Frog: TianaLouisRayDr. FacilierAlmost There Tiana
Lady and the Tramp: LadyTramp
Hercules: HerculesMegPegasusHadesPhilZeusBaby Pegasus
The Emperor's New Groove: KuzcoKronkPachaYzmaYzma Kitty
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Snow WhiteDopeyMagic MirrorThe Evil QueenGrumpyThe PrinceSleepyDoc
The Rescuers: BernardBiancaMadame Medusa
Robin Hood: Robin HoodMaid MarianLady KluckLittle JohnSir HissPrince John
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad: Mr. Toad
The Hunchback of Notre Dame: EsmeraldaQuasimodoHugo
The Sword in the Stone: ArthurArchimedesMerlinMadam MimSugar BowlYoung Mim
Mickey's Christmas Carol: Bob Cratchit MickeyGhost of Jacob MarleyEbenezer Scrooge McDuck
A Goofy Movie: MaxVacation GoofyPowerline
Raya and the Last Dragon: RayaSisuTuk TukNamaari
The Three Caballeros: JoséPanchitoCaballero Donald

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DuckTales: Scrooge McDuckLaunchpad McQuackWebby VanderquackGizmoduckMagica De Spell

Darkwing Duck: Darkwing Duck
Rescue Rangers: ChipDaleGadgetMonterey JackDevil DaleAngel Chip
Gargoyles: GoliathBronxDemona

Monsters, Inc.: MikeSulleyRandallCeliaRozBoo

Toy Story: WoodyBuzz LightyearAlienJessieBullseyeBo PeepForkyRexDuke CaboomHammMrs. NesbitZurgLotso
Finding Nemo/Finding Dory: NemoDoryHankCrushBruceBaby DoryDestinyBaileyPearl
Cars: Lightning McQueenCruz RamirezJackson StormMater
Inside Out: JoySadnessAngerDisgustFearBing BongRainbow Unicorn
Coco: Miguel RiveraHéctorDanteImeldaPepitaAlebrije DanteErnestoMama Coco
Ratatouille: Remy
The Incredibles: Mr. IncredibleElastigirlJack-JackVioletDashFrozoneEdna ModeSyndrome
A Bug's Life: FlikPrincess AttaHeimlich
Brave: Merida
Up: DugRusselCarlKevinAlphaHeadphones Dug
Onward: IanBarleyThe Manticore
Soul: Joe22
Luca: LucaAlberto

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Captain Jack SparrowBarbossaDavy JonesElizabeth SwannPrison DogTia Dalma

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Mary Poppins: Mary PoppinsBert
Enchanted: Giselle
Jungle Cruise: FrankLily Houghton

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Matterhorn Bobsleds: Abominable Snowman
Journey Into Imagination: Figment

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