Francis "Dink" Trout was an American actor and radio personality. Much of his career involved playing characters in American radio shows. His most famous radio roles were as Mr. Anderson in The Dennis Day Show and as Luke Spears in Lum and Abner.

Disney Films

Trout provided the voice for Bootle Beetle in the Donald Duck shorts Bootle Beetle (1947), Sea Salts (1949), and The Greener Yard (1949). In Morris, the Midget Moose (1950), he lent his voice to Balsam and reprised his role as Bootle Beetle. He also played Bob Peters the Station Agent in So Dear to My Heart (1948). His final film performance was as the voice of the King of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland (1951), which was released over a year after his death.


Trout died March 26, 1950, in Hollywood, after having had major surgery.

Disney Roles

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