Dinosaur: The Essential Guide is a David Lambert book based on Dinosaur.


A stunning look at the world and characters of Disney's upcoming animated film, Dinosaur! Coming to theaters May 19, 2000. Disney's spectacular new film uses state-of-the-art computer-generated visuals to bring the last days of the dinosaurs to life. An orphaned dinosaur egg falls into a tree where a community of lemurs live. Little Aladar, an Iguanodon, grows up under the love and influence of his adoptive family. All are content on Lemur Island until catastrophe strikes: a meteor collides with the earth, heralding the end of the dinosaur age. Aladar and his family join a ragtag herd of surviving dinosaurs trying to find their old nesting ground. Aladar soon realizes that his species is failing to cope with the events that threaten extinction. Raised by creatures that are destined to dominate earth, he understands the importance of working together and adapting to change.

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