Dinosaur Activity Center is a PC game released on July 2000.


Enter a world ruled by the dinosaurs! Disney's Dinosaur Activity Center offers five multilevel activities that expand upon the film experience through arcade, creativity, logic, and strategy games. Featuring over 200 levels of gameplay, Disney's Dinosaur Activity Center challenges kids to match themselves against prehistoric beasts or even create their own dinosaur and e-mail it to a friend.

Whether or not your kids are fans of the animated feature film Dinosaur, children aged five to eight will thoroughly enjoy this set of five engaging and humorous logic games. There are lots of new twists. Even a standard matching game has some extra challenge thrown in as kids have to race against time to identify pairs of flowers. Unusually clever strategy games are offered as well. In Iquanodon Pond-a-thon, children help the dinosaurs make as many square watering holes as possible by connecting points in a grid while avoiding backtracking. There's a chess-like Colossal Fossil Face Off game and a hilarious puzzle-making activity that has a "mad-lib" component letting kids make silly sentences about their dinosaur creations. Dinosaur fact cards are the rewards for the Colossal Fossil Face Off game, and this proved to be a powerful incentive for several testers. Numerous levels are provided for each game, and these can get quite challenging as you play. Children at the lower end of the intended age range were the most enthusiastic about the program, with a few older testers (nine and up) reporting that there wasn't enough to do. The younger kids (ages five to eight) adored the CD, asking to play repeatedly.

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