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Dinosaurs Issue #1


Robbie and Baby Sinclair in an ad for the two issue run of the Dinosaurs comic book

Dinosaurs was adapted into comic form for two issues published in 1992 and 1993 by Disney's Hollywood Comics. The 48-page paperback comic books featured stories based on the Dinosaurs TV show. Additionally, stand-alone stories were published in Disney Adventures magazine during this time. Comics from the series were also re-published in several Disney's Colossal Comics Collections, including an original Dinosaurs based cover appearing on Disney's Colossal Comics #10.

Four of the individual Dinosaurs comics were collected and re-published in a trade paperback entitled "Dinosaurs: Fossil Fools" (ISBN: 9781561153398).

Dinosaurs Fossil Fools

Dinosaurs: Fossil Fools trade paperback cover

The principal writers for the comics were Bobbi JG Weiss and David Cody Weiss, while David Seidman and Marv Wolfman served as editors.

Dinosaurs #1, 1992

Editors: David Seidman & Marv Wolfman
Cover artist: Jackson Guice
Cover colorist: Cris Palomino
Pages: 48

Citizen Robbie

Robbie and J Rassik Quill both run for the position of president at Bob LaBrea High School. The story was published in Disney Adventures in two parts.

Writers: Bobbi JG Weiss & David Cody Weiss
Penciller: Cosme Quartieri & Fabian Gattino
Inker: Roberto Bat and Ruben Torreiro
Colorist: Valerie Dal Chele
Letterer: Clem Robins
Pages: 24

The Flying Fool

Robbie designs and builds the first airplane, and B.P. Richfield wants it for the Wesayso Corporation. This story was reprinted in the July 1993 issue of Disney Adventures.

Writers: Doug Murray
Penciller: Joe Staton
Inker: Brian Garvey
Colorist: Cris Palomino
Letterer: John Workman
Pages: 8

Nana Ethyl's Dinosaur Tails: King Earl and the Knights of the Buffet Table

In a parody of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Ethyl tells a story about the kingdom of Cramalot, with Baby Sinclair as a knight named Sir Pantsaload.

Writers: Bobbi JG Weiss & David Cody Weiss
Penciller: John Costanza
Inker: Dave Hunt
Colorist: Janice Cohen
Letterer: John Costanza
Pages: 8

Nana Ethyl's Dinosaur Tails: Baby and the Beanstalk

Ethyl tells a variation of Jack and the Beanstalk, with the Dinosaurs characters playing all the parts. The story was also published in the January 1993 issue of Disney Adventures.

Writers: Bobbi JG Weiss & David Cody Weiss
Penciller: Jackson Guice
Inker: Steve Mitchell
Colorist: Jo Meugniot
Letterer: John Workman
Pages: 8

Dinosaurs #2, 1993

Invasion of the Dino-Snatchers.1

From Invasion of the Dino-Snatchers

Editors: David Seidman & Marv Wolfman
Cover artists: Jo Meugniot, Bruce D. Patterson & Joe Staton
Cover colorist: Cris Palomino
Pages: 48

Invasion of the Dino-Snatchers

Earl's dream comes true when his children, Robbie and Charlene, start acting nice, but it turns out their change of heart is due to an alien invasion. The story was also published in Disney Adventures in two parts.

Writers: Bobbi JG Weiss & David Cody Weiss
Penciller: Joe Staton
Inker: Ian Akin
Colorist: Valerie Dal Chele
Letterer: John Workman

The Pest Years of Our Lives

Pest Years of our lives

From The Pest Years of Our Lives

The Sinclair household becomes infested with bugs. The story was also published in Disney Adventures (in the June 1993 issue) and Disney's Colossal Comics Collection #10

Writers: Bobbi JG Weiss & David Cody Weiss
Penciller: John Costanza
Inker: Gary Martin
Colorist: Jo Meugniot
Letterer: Gaspar Saladino

Frannie, I Blew Up the Baby!

In a parody of Honey, I Blew Up the Kid, Baby Sinclair becomes larger than life.

Writers: Bobbi JG Weiss & David Cody Weiss
Pencillers: Jackson Guice & Richard Howell
Inker: Steve Mitchell
Colorist: Janice Parker
Letterer: Gaspar Saladino

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