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The following is a list of episodes of Dinosaurs.

Season 1: 1991

# Title Airdate Summary
1 "The Mighty Megalosaurus" April 26, 1991 Harried Fran has one wish in life: a new set of pots and pans with mesh screens for lids--the better to keep dinner in the pot! Earl realizes that he can't afford to buy the simplest of pleasures for his family, which leads him to ask boss Richfield for a raise, with disastrous results. A chance meeting with the escaped "dinner" saves the day (and job) when dinner reappears as Earl's new supervisor at WESAYSO Development Corp.
2 "The Mating Dance" May 3, 1991 Earl shoulders household duties for a weekend, sending exhausted Fran to her mother's for R & R. When she returns to a frazzled Earl, singed baby and demolished household, Earl discovers that Fran's unhappiness doesn't stem from the kids--it's him! At Roy's suggestion, Earl takes a refresher course in The Mating Dance, attempting to once again woo and win his wife.
3 "Hurling Day" May 10, 1991 The ancient and solemn dinosaur tradition of flinging their elders off a cliff into a pit of tar is challenged by young Robbie, denying Earl the fulfillment of one of his life's greatest dreams --tossing Fran's acid-tongued mother, Ethyl, into the abyss.
4 "High Noon" May 24, 1991 Earl is challenged to fight to the death by Gary, a 50' Dilophosaurus who took a fancy to Fran in the frozen food section of the supermarket. Earl must decide whether or not to fight for what belongs to him, or follow the law of the jungle and run like hell.
5 "The Howling" May 24, 1991 When male dinosaurs turn 15 they go through a rite-of-passage known as "The Howling," during which the youngsters join the adults on top of the mountain to howl at the new moon. Robbie doesn't see the point, and rebels. This sets off a chain of events, including the dissolution of Earl and Roy's friendship, which causes Robbie to understand that rituals that get dismissed as superstition are actually designed to protect the tribe. Robbie gains a new appreciation for being a dinosaur.

Season 2: 1991-1992

# Title Airdate Summary
6 "The Golden Child" September 18, 1991 Baby, unappreciated by the family, inexplicably grows a golden horn from his forehead. Earl is appalled, until he learns from the dinosaur elders that the appearance of a golden-horned baby was foretold in the "Book of Dinosaurs." Baby becomes a cult object and Earl is a celebrity by association. The horn eventually comes off, but Earl comes to appreciate the treasure that his baby is all by himself.
7 "Family Challenge" September 25, 1991 Fran accuses Earl of not spending enough time with his family. When a meteor crashes through the roof of their home, the enormous cost of repair leads the family to try their luck as game show participants. Earl bones up on obscure areas of knowledge, but is humiliated when all the questions focus on how well he knows his family -- which is not well.
8 "I Never Ate for My Father" October 2, 1991 Robbie refuses to join a Young Carnivore Association and considers becoming a herbivore. Earl is appalled and hauls Robbie off to hunt in the wildemess, to reinforce the carnivore ethic: bigger eats smaller. When Robbie is eaten by an enormous dinosaur, Earl is forced to reconsider his philosophy. When Earl, too, is eaten, the father and son continue their argument inside the belly of the beast.
9 "Charlene's Tale" October 9, 1991 Charlene is despondent because she's the last girl in the eighth grade to grow a tail. Her outlook miraculously changes when her tail appears overnight. Earl's awareness of his little girl's budding womanhood drives him to distraction, but reassurance from Charlene that she'll always be her daddy's little girl cheers him up.
10 "Endangered Species" October 19, 1991 It's Earl and Fran's 20th wedding anniversary: the Grapdelite anniversary. Grapdelites are the sweetest tasting, most adorable little animals, who are also quickly disappearing from the earth. Earl's got a pair, and everyone else wants them, particularly Richfield. Robbie befriends the creatures, and soon father and son are at each other's throats over the fate of the Grapdelites.
11 "Employee of the Month" October 23, 1991 Richfield's institutes an Employee Suggestion Box, which has Earl and Roy racking their walnut-sized brains in an effort to impress the Boss. At Earl's suggestion, the employee coming up with the best suggestion each month will receive dinner with Richfield and their name on a plaque--with Earl named the first "Employee of the Month". Earl's big moment is somewhat tarnished, though, when Richfield forgets to show up for dinner.
12 "When Food Goes Bad" October 30, 1991 Earl and Fran's romantic night on the town leaves Robbie and Charlene in charge of the house for the first time. When Charlene is not paying attention, the baby opens the refrigerator door providing escape to moldy creatures gone bad. The creatures stage a full-scale revolution, and it is the dinosaurs vs. the refrigerator creatures for supremacy in the house.
13 "Career Opportunities" November 6, 1991 Robbie is assigned Tree Pusher as his life's vocation by the all-powerful Career Guru. In the process of showing an unenthusiastic Robbie how wonderful a job Tree Pusher is, Earl comes to realize instead how pointless his own life actually is, and retires to bed unable to move. When Robbie has to replace Earl at the worksite, he gets into trouble and Earl must rally to rescue his son.
14 "Unmarried... with Children" November 13, 1991 Earl and Fran's marriage license expires. And when Earl bungles the renewal test by displaying complete ignorance of the details of his marriage, Fran considers not picking up Earl's option. Earl is forced to move in with Roy, while the Sinclair's new next door neighbor, Monica -- an Apatosaurus and the first divorced female in history--shows Fran that the single life has possibilities.
15 "How to Pick Up Girls" November 20, 1991 Robbie hires Spike, a rebellious classmate, to teach him how to pick-up a girl that he has a brutal crush on, but Spike's unique advice gets Robbie grounded; a situation that Robbie finds not nearly as unbearable as the discovery that Spike, having refined his flirtatious technique, is dating the girl of Robbie's dreams.
16 "Switched at Birth" November 27, 1991 Planning for the Baby's first birthday, the Sinclairs discover evidence that their baby may have been switched with another baby while still an egg. Earl is tantalized by the notion that there is a polite, well- behaved baby out there somewhere who might be his son. Fran is unwilling even to consider the possibility until she meets the other baby -- who looks just like our Baby except he's green like Earl -- and the other Daddy who shares certain personality traits with our baby.
17 "Refrigerator Day" December 11, 1991 The happiest holiday in Pangaea is approaching and Earl, carried away by the commercial side of the occasion, overspends on presents for the family. When the traditional WESAYSO bonus fails to come through for Earl, the family is placed in financial jeopardy. Any hope for a joyous holiday is dashed when their refrigerator is repossessed. With no food, no refrigerator and no money, the family is forced to fall back on the spiritual side of the holiday.
18 "What "Sexual" Harris Meant" December 18, 1991 Monica becomes a media cause celebre by taking her case of sexual harassment to the Wesayso Board after Earl's foremen, Sexual Harris, overlooks Monica's natural talent for tree pushing in favor of her innate feminine allure.
19 "Fran Live" January 8, 1992 Fran calls a phone-in TV advice show with a suggestion for the host and ends up hosting the show herself. Fran's anecdotes over the air expose Earl to ridicule at work, and pressure builds for her to quit her job.
20 "Power Erupts" January 15, 1992 As a science project for school, Robbie comes up with an idea for tapping the geothermal energy of volcanoes to heat the homes of all Pangaea. The idea is taken seriously by the government and Robbie seems to be a hero, except that his plan for free energy threatens the business interests of the Wesayso Corporation which sell energy for a profit. When Wesayso puts the screws to Earl to squash his son's idea, Earl is put in conflict with Robbie.
21 "The Clip Show" January 22, 1992 Sir David Tushingham, a self-important archaeologist, attempts to shed light upon the mysterious world of the dinosaurs in a mock, 1991 documentary featuring clips from the first eleven episodes that proves the theories of modern science to fall far short of the real world in which Earl and his family inhabited millions of years ago.
22 "A New Leaf" February 5, 1992 Following a fierce argument with Earl, Robbie storms out of the house to meet Spike and discovers an appealing leaf that when ingested makes them both effusively happy. Upon returning home, Earl is surprised to find Robbie in such an elated state until he samples some of Robbie's leaves. Expecting to find father and son at war, Fran is puzzled when she discovers Earl and Robbie arm in arm. Suspicious of the tantalizing leaves, Fran exhibits cautious restraint and becomes increasingly concerned when her family happily decides to remain at home rather than go to work or school. Earl's lack of concern after discovering he's been fired forces Fran, who refuses to become co-dependent, to abscond from the house and leave a delirious Earl, Robbie and Charlene to hopelessly fend for themselves. Having run out of leaves, they are forced to recognize what they've become, but Spike tests their resolve when he uncovers fresh leaves. Will they choose their lives or the mysterious plant?
23 "The Last Temptation of Ethyl" February 12, 1992 Ethyl's near death experience lands her a television show pitching the afterlife.
24 "Nuts to War (part 1)" February 26, 1992 A petty territorial dispute between our dinosaurs and the four leggers across the swamp escalates into the first war ever. Earl and all the other guys are very gung ho about sending all the young males, including Robbie and Spike, off to what they think will be an easy rout. When the war drags on and reports of actual injuries begin to reach the home front, Earl decides to go get his boy.
25 "Nuts to War (part 2)" March 3, 1992 A petty territorial dispute between our dinosaurs and the four leggers across the swamp escalates into the first war ever. Earl and all the other guys are very gung ho about sending all the young males, including Robbie and Spike, off to what they think will be an easy rout. When the war drags on and reports of actual injuries begin to reach the home front, Earl decides to go get his boy.
26 "And the Winner is..." March 20, 1992 When the Great Elder dies in the process of naming Baby Sinclair, Earl becomes embroiled in an intense but unsurprisingly non-substantive campaign with Richfield for Great Elder of Pangaea; first as Richfield's patsy and later as a self-made, come-from-behind candidate bent on preventing a bleak homeland under, what appears to be, Richfield's imminent rule.
27 "Slave to Fashion" March 30, 1992 Feeling like a social outcast at school, Charlene begs her grandmother for money to buy an expensive fur coat none of the other girls have. The coat indeed makes Charlene the envy of her friends, but, unlike other status symbols, it talks (it's a live animal), and begins to make demands that cause Charlene to become alienated from her family and friends, especially her best friend Mindy.
28 "Leader of the Pack" April 24, 1992 Robbie gets drafted as the leader of a gang when the former leader disappears after a wild night with Robbie.
29 "WESAYSO Knows Best" May 8, 1992 To improve its public image, the Wesayso Corporation picks the perfect employee family to be featured in their company advertisement. Earl's dream comes true when his family is chosen, but Wesayso feels Roy has more audience appeal. When the ad campaign is a hit, Earl moves out of his own house so Roy can move in. Is Earl expendable? Will Roy crack under the strain of parental responsibility? Will Earl allow his family and best friend to be successful without him? Yep. Yep. Not a chance.

Season 3: 1992-1993

# Title Airdate Summary
30 "Nature Calls" September 18, 1992 Baby Sinclair runs away to the wilderness following Earl's unsuccessful attempts at civilizing him through toilet training.
31 "Dirty Dancin'" September 25, 1992 Having reached that awkward age where adolescent male dinosaurs find themselves breaking into the mating dance spontaneously and uncontrollably, Fran's open attempts at sexual education drive a confused and embarrassed Robbie to the Best Little Dancehouse in Pangaea, where he discovers what he really needs isn't a quick "dancing lesson" with a stranger, but a talk with his equally uncomfortable father.
32 "Baby Talk" October 2, 1992 As Baby Sinclair's vocabulary grows dirtier, Earl's resolve grows stronger to return "family values" to the permissive television landscape that fostered his child's newfound vulgarity -that is, until his efforts inadvertently create a repressive governmental atmosphere responsive to the slightest complaint from the fellow citizens of Pangaea.
33 "Network Genius" October 16, 1992 Earl becomes a network executive after being sent to the network as the average Joe to help pick the new series. But when Earl's favorite shows lead to a slowdown in Pangaea's brain power, will Earl sacrifice his first great job to program a television schedule smarter than he is, in hopes of saving what is rapidly becoming a dense dinosaur race?
34 "The Discovery" October 23, 1992 Earl's discovery of a pristine world inhabited by cavemen is the mark he's been waiting to leave in the history books -- until Robbie and Baby are kidnapped by the cavemen, intent on saving their land from the ruthless development of Wesayso's "Sinclair City."
35 "Little Boy Boo" October 30, 1992 In a special Halloween episode, Robbie is forced to baby-sit the Baby. Although the Baby succeeds in scaring his older brother, Robbie turns the tables and frightens the Baby into submission by weaving a scary tale based on the Wolf man fable using himself as the "Wereman," half dinosaur/half man.
36 "Germ Warfare" November 6, 1992 While medical science can't cure the Baby of a dangerous viral infection, it can bankrupt Earl and Fran with expensive experimental drugs that fail to cure as promised. In desperation, the Sinclairs decide to follow the advice Ethyl's been promoting from the onset of the sickness -go see the traditional dinosaur witch doctor in the forest who invents penicillin.
37 "Hungry for Love" November 13, 1992 Love is in the air when Robbie meets Wendy, a cute young girl who just happens to be Richfield's daughter. Romance turns to danger when it is rumored that Wendy is an eater who has made meals of her last four boyfriends. Robbie tries to avoid Wendy at all costs, but finally discovers that Richfield is the one who has been devouring Wendy's boyfriends.
38 "License to Parent" November 20, 1992 After Earl is repeatedly ticketed by an overzealous officer of the Parent Patrol, he is sent to "Parents Ed," but fails miserably and is ordered not to parent for thirty days until he retakes the test. The ticketing officer is assigned to live with the Sinclairs to observe Earl, making Fran the only authority figure in the house. A frustrated Earl points out Fran's parental inadequacies, causing her to lose her parental license too. Their home returns to normal after the officer "loses it" while trying to care for Robbie, Chariene, and the Baby while Earl and Fran realize that good parenting comes from the heart.
39 "Charlene's Flat World" December 4, 1992 When given a school assignment to come up with an original idea, a panicked Charlene is visited by a Muse who mistakes her for Copernicus and tells her that the earth is round, not flat. After giving her report, Charlene is arrested by the Police Classroom Squad and tried for heresy. Robbie tries to help by appealing to Charlene's teacher, but he, too, is arrested. After being found guilty, a confident Charlene asks that she and Robbie are sentenced to be thrown off the edge of the flat world, knowing its impossibility and proving her right.
40 "Wilderness Weekend" December 18, 1992 Traditional gender roles are reversed when Earl, Robbie and Earl's friends go to the forest for a male-bonding ritual known as "The Great Hunt," but end up discovering their feminine qualities. Meanwhile, back at home, Fran and her girlfriends get drunk, watch sports, and generally act like men.
41 "The Son Also Rises" January 8, 1993 Fed up with Earl's continuous nagging, Robbie challenges him for the title of "Supreme Male" of the house. During their physical battle, Earl is caught off guard and Robbie emerges victorious. Robbie now assumes all the responsibilities that accompany his new position providing food and clothes for the family, maintain the house, pay the bills, etc. Earl, conversely, acts like a teenager since he has been relieved of his parental duties. When Robbie can't bear the pressure any longer, Fran steps in and forces Earl to become the head of the house again.
42 "Getting to Know You" January 15, 1993 After Earl throws her a disastrous birthday party, Charlene feels totally alienated from her whole family and signs up for a Species Exchange Program at school. She lives with a family of squawking, arrogant, annoying, bird-like creatures, and runs away. In exchange, the Sinclairs' get a teenaged version of this hideous species. Pushed to the edge, the Baby eats the exchange student. Earl creates a fake kid and returns it to the family, and then discovers that he's brought home a Charlene impostor. When the real Charlene returns, father and daughter make a pact to get to know one another better.
43 "Green Card" January 29, 1993 With the Pangaean economy suffering from a bad recession, Earl and Roy lose their jobs. Meanwhile, the government blames its problems on all four-legged creatures in an effort to shift the blame away from them. Immediately, anti-four legger legislation is passed, causing Monica to also be fired and lose her home. Roy marries Monica to allow her to stay on the right side of the swamp. Earl protests the marriage and breaks his friendship with Roy for colluding with the enemy. After a major accident in which a four-legger saves his life, Earl repents for his bigoted ways and welcomes Roy back into his life. Public sentiment echoes Earl's attitude when the anti-four legged laws are repealed allowing Monica to resume her normal life without Roy.
44 "Out of the Frying Pan" February 5, 1993 The Baby becomes an overnight sensation hawking frying pans in a commercial. Both he and Fran get caught up in the glamour of show business - riding in limos, going on talk shows, and generally getting "bad" attitudes while neglecting the rest of the family. Earl confronts Fran, who realizes her mistakes, retreats from the "business" and returns the Sinclair home back to normal.
45 "Steroids to Heaven" February 12, 1993 Deciding that girls date only jocks, Robbie decides to get "buff." Earl puts Robbie on an exercise program, but when that fails to bring the desired results, Robbie turns to eating Thornoids, insult-spewing creatures that instantaneously add lots of muscle and bulk to his frame. Impressed with his new physique, Robbie cops a new attitude, bullies his family and friends, and gets a date with his dream girl. Robbie learns his lesson after his date rejects his aggressive behavior and tells him she has always liked him the way he was before.
46 "Honey, I Miss the Kids" February 19, 1993 Fran, feeling inadequate as a housewife, decides to get a volunteer job. Earl is opposed to the idea but acquiesces when he takes Roy's advice to manipulate Fran into believing he is supportive of her by offering to work the night shift. Earl will stay home during the day with the kids, and hopefully Fran will miss the kids so much she'll quit her job. However, the plan backfires when Fran returns home and announces that she is going to work full time. Horrified at the thought of staying home with the kids, Earl again takes Roy's advice to bond with his kids believing Fran will get jealous at being replaced and return home. Again, Fran reacts the opposite way and causes Earl to inadvertently reveal his failed plans. Initially angry, Fran empathizes with Earl and agrees to a compromise that allows Earl to return to the day shift while she cuts back on her work hours.
47 "Swamp Music" February 26, 1993 Spike, who can't stand Robbie's choice of music, decides to expose Robbie to a whole different world and different style of music by taking him to the Swamp Shack. The swamp and this club are home to blue-hued mammals who have been restricted from contact with dinosaurs and lead difficult, depressing lives. Initially fearful of this different species, Robbie is completely taken with this new music and band members Howlin' Jay and his son, Sonny. Robbie plans to bring this new sound to the dinosaurs, who he believes will go crazy for it. Howlin' Jay is reluctant due to his previous contact with dinosaurs but Robbie and Sonny take a demo of their music to the head of Volcanic Records. The executive isn't interested in the music but changes his mind after listening to the tape and signs Howlin' Jay and his band to a loophole filled deal allowing the record company to steal the songs and style of the swamp and have them re-recorded by mainstream dinosaur singers and reap the profits. Robbie has to break the news to Howlin' Jay that they have been ripped off again by dinosaurs. Instead of being angry, Howlin' Jay decides to start his own record label created for and run by mammals.
48 "If I Were a Tree" April 18, 1993 It's story time for the Baby, and Grandma Ethyl reads him a tale about a dinosaur (Earl) who is pushing down trees when a thunderstorm approaches. Just as he is about to push down a large tree, lightning simultaneously strikes him and the tree causing them to exchange souls. The Tree is excited to learn it has become a dinosaur, able to move freely. In the Sinclair home, the Tree, as Earl, is thoughtful and kind causing confusion amongst his family. Meanwhile, the real Earl is besides himself being stuck in a Tree's body with pesky birds and animal living in him. The Tree, as Earl, confronts Richfield about the ruination of the Earth and Richfield commits him to a mental institution. This, coupled with the daily hardships of dinosaur life, causes the Tree to return to the forest. During this time, Earl is in a race to save the creature living in him because he is marked for clearing. Both realize they have to return to their original forms and unite in trying to save the forest.
49 "We Are Not Alone" May 2, 1993 Robbie tries to get his family to attend an environmental rally with him but everyone declines. Robbie is especially upset with Earl, who prefers to watch his favorite TV reality show about alien sightings. At work, Richfield, in an effort to fool the environmentalists who named Wesayso a top corporate polluter, orders Roy and Earl to take home barrels of toxic waste and bury them in the Sinclair's backyard. While digging, Earl and Roy are visited by an "alien" (Robbie) who tells Earl that what he is doing is wrong. The "alien" also tells him that he has been chosen to spread the word to other dinosaurs that they must respect and care for the environment or else the planet will be vaporized. Earl immediately changes his ways and sets out to rally the masses to help clean up the environment. He even badmouthes Wesayso and quits his job to devote all of his energies to his new mission. Robbie tries to point out to Earl that what he has done is of real value but Earl will have none of it and returns to his job and watching TV.
50 "Charlene and Her Amazing Humans" May 9, 1993 Feeling ignored by her family, Charlene becomes an instant celebrity after winning her school talent show with trained cavilings (humans) she saved from a trap in the forest. Charlene gets an agent and is booked on a top variety show. Consumed by her new status and pushed by her agent, Charlene employs inhuman tactics to get her cavilings to perform dangerous tricks. On show night, Charlene realizes the error of her ways and, feeling guilty, she refuses to go on with the show and gives an impassioned speech about respect and family. Charlene's speech prompts Earl and Fran to realize their error in ignoring their daughter.
51 "The Clip Show II" July 2, 1993 Scenes from various episodes are interspersed with pitches by paleontologist Sir David Tushingham that try to lure customers into the glamorous, high-paying world of paleontology by getting them to buy the Famous Paleontologists' Home Study Course. In true informercial style, there's a deal-a-dinosaur wheel and comic testimonials from satisfied customers.

Season 4: 1994

# Title Airdate Summary
52 "Monster Under the Bed" June 1, 1994 The Baby complains of a monster under his bed, but the family doesn't believe him. One night while Fran and Earl are out, Charlene humors the baby by investigating his claim and is dragged into the monster's hole. Robbie and the Baby try to rescue Charlene, but they, too, are kidnapped. Just as they are about to be eaten, Robbie learns that the monster is angry at having his home (hole) built upon by the Sinclair's house. The whole crisis is resolved after the Baby suggests moving the house and the Sinclairs oblige.
53 "Earl, Don't Be a Hero" June 8, 1994 Earl's accidental exposure to toxic waste transforms him into "Captain Impressive," a mysterious Super Hero committed to fighting crime and righting wrongs. Earl also sees his chance to outshine "Captain Action Figure," Baby's current hero, by using his newly acquired superpowers against the forces of evil. -- until Richfield discovers Earl's hidden talents. Determined to use "Captain Impressive" for Wesayso's benefit., Richfield quickly changes Earl from Super Hero to Super Huckster. Faster than you can say "shoddy merchandise," Earl decides to hang up his tights and retire from his career as a crime fighter.
54 "The Greatest Story Ever Sold" June 22, 1994 The Council of Elders is convened to determine answers to the Great Question of Life, and the answer is found to be Potatoism. Soon it's stake-and-potatoes for Robbie and Earl, when Robbie rejects the elders' wisdom and the duo is sentenced to be burned as infidels. But a gust of wind extinguishes the fire, and with it dies the people's belief in the message of the Great Potato.
55 "Driving Miss Ethyl" June 29, 1994 Fran forces Earl to drive Ethyl to her 60th year high-school reunion. During the drive, their normal fighting and bickering ensue. Once at the reunion, Ethyl discovers that she is the only person from her class still living. Earl senses Ethyl's hurt and softens toward her. The family is in shock once Earl and Ethyl return being polite to one another. Meanwhile, with Earl gone, Fran tries to gather the rest of the family for a family portrait, and they end up at each others' throats.
56 "Earl's Big Jackpot" July 6, 1994 When Earl is injured on the job and asks for a few days off, Richfield refuses and fires him instead. Robbie and Fran trick Earl into suing the Wesayso Corporation for his $800 medical expenses. After a brief trial, Earl is ecstatic at the jury's award of $800 million. Earl begins to spend lavishly and behaves badly. Stung by the judgment and blaming Earl, Richfield announces massive layoffs and raises consumer prices. Earl doesn't see it that way and is happy with his new life, but finally he is forced to give back the money in order to return things to normal.
57 "Terrible Twos" July 13, 1994 The Baby enters the Terrible Twos and his behavior becomes horrendous. Desperate times require desperate measures, and the Sinclairs enlist the aid of "The Babysitter" to exorcise Baby's demons. When neither the exorcist nor doctors can cure the baby, Robbie hatches a plan for the family to fool Baby into believing he's three.
58 "Changing Nature" July 20, 1994 In our final episode, Earl causes the extinction of the Dinosaur species, when at the prodding of Richfield and the Wesayso Corporation, he poisons all plant life. In an effort to bring the plants back, he blocks the sun from the planet, sending global temperatures below freezing. Earl realizes that his mistake was to put too much faith in progress and not have enough respect for nature.
59 "Into the Woods" Unaired The Baby is taken into the forest for the dinosaurs' traditional Wilderness Rite of Passage, which teaches the value of the family. But when Earl, Robbie and Roy get stuck in a tarpit, their only hope for survival is the Baby.
60 "Scent of a Reptile" Syndication Fran and Charlene are thrilled when Charlene gets her adult scent, which will attract her perfect mate. Charlene's euphoria turns to horror when her match turns out to be not only the school janitor-- but also just like Earl. Fearful that she will lead an ordinary domestic life like her mom, Charlene decides to go against tradition and change her scent and her life.
61 "Working Girl" Syndication Under pressure from the government to hire women, Richfield hires the first female who walks through the door to be the new supervisor. It turns out to be Charlene. Earl, refusing to take his daughter seriously, takes advantage of his new boss, until Charlene asserts herself.
62 "Variations on a Theme Park" Unaired The Sinclairs vacation at WESAYSOLAND, with its lovable mascot, Moola the cash-cow. The family is engulfed in the usual horrors and frustrations associated with amusement parks: unbearably long lines, rides that aren't working or are under construction, overpriced merchandise, food, hotels, etc. Miserable, the Sinclairs decide to leave, but discover they are trapped since they purchased a 14-day vacation package. Instead of returning to the park, From insists that the family stay in the hotel and bond. Much to their surprise, they find they actually enjoy each other's company.
63 "Life in the Faust Lane" Unaired Earl sells his soul to the devil for a collectible mug that becomes more important to him than his job, family, or friends. Everyone is fed up with Earl and leaves him. Lonely, Earl realizes that people mean more to him than objects, and he discovers a loophole that puts him out of the deal with the devil.
64 "Earl and Pearl" Syndicated When Earl's long-lost sister, Pearl, re-enters his life after twenty years, Earl is cold and distant. Pearl further alienates Earl when the kids take to her and her country-western singing lifestyle. Earl comes to accept his sister and after she explains her reasons for leaving.
65 "Georgie Must Die!" Unaired in primetime, debuted in syndication The Baby is mesmerized by the latest annoying childrens' idol, Georgie, an orange hippo. When Georgie comes to town, the Baby demands to see him but Earl won't wait in the long line. The Baby throws a tantrum, and in desperation, Earl dons a costume and imitates Georgie to stop the Baby's cries. Unfortunately, Earl is arrested for copyright infringement by Georgie's people and is thrown in jail. Earl escapes with the help of two members of a group of parents who see Georgie for what he truly is: a money-grabbing, tax evading slimeball, and Earl ultimately exposes him.
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