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That's where you and Hayward differ. He's gonna burn Westview to the ground just to get what he wants.
Monica Rambeau to Wanda Maximoff[src]

Director Tyler Hayward is a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe featured in the Marvel Disney+ series, WandaVision. He is the successor of Maria Rambeau, as S.W.O.R.D.'s new director, and joins the investigation on the disappearance of Monica Rambeau and the residents of Westview. Over time, his method in approaching the Maximoff Anomaly alienates members of his team, placing them on opposing sides, as he's determined to put an end to Wanda Maximoff. He makes his debut in the forth episode, and is portrayed by Josh Stamberg.



Director Hayward is a dictative and authoritative personality. He was known to have gotten along with Maria Rambeau in his past, and went on to become S.W.O.R.D.'s Director. Following the occurrence of the Snap, Hayward adopted a more pessimistic outlook. With the world in chaos, he refocused the organizations goals to the creation of sentient weapons. While his actions may be wrong, Hayward truly believes in what he is doing, and is determined to fulfill his goals, even if he resorts to wrongly manipulating his teammates, and alienating them in the process. Hayward's project on reconstructing Vision, displays his secretive nature, as he isn't willing to confide with his co-workers in what he's doing. He also seems to hold somewhat of a begrudged attitude to those, who were victims of the Snap, as he believes they still have the luxury of optimism, while he, and those that remained, were forced to navigate, and continue forward, in a world without them. His attitude takes on a more sinister role, as the series progresses. He is shown to be desperate to fulfill his goals, and was even willing to kill Tommy and Billy Maximoff, who are only children.


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Tyler Hayward works as an agent of S.W.O.R.D. and becomes closely affiliated with the Director, Maria Rambeau, and her daughter Monica Rambeau, who is also an agent. An event, called the Blip, occurs, and half of all life in the universe is wiped out. Hayward and Maria Rambeau are amongst the survivors, but her daughter Monica isn't. Two years later, Maria succumbs to her cancer, and Hayward is appointed the new director. The astronaut training programmer becomes dismal, as half of the S.W.O.R.D personnel are lost in the Blip and other half of those remaining, lose their nerve, so Hayward turns his attention away from manned missions, and refocuses on robotics, nanotech, AI and Sentient Weapons. He also recovers Vision's body, and has his team, working to bring Vision back online, though keeps this information highly classified, even amongst many of his colleagues.

WandaVision - 1x08 - Previously On - Hawyward and Wanda.jpg

Three years after the the death of Maria, and five years after the Blip occurred, the vanished are brought back. Wanda Maximoff, one of the returned, sets up an appointment with S.W.O.R.D., requesting to recover Vision's body. She arrives, and is directed to Hayward's office, and he expresses what an honor it is, to meet her. He introduces himself, as the Director, and clarifies what her intentions are. She explains to him, that she is Vision's next of kin, and he directs her towards a laboratory, through a window, a few floors below them, where Vision's body is being dissected, and analyzed on. Wanda protests that Vision isn't a weapon, and they cannot do this, but Hayward informs her that it is their legal and ethical obligation. She requests to bury him, and Hayward asks if she's sure, as not everyone has the power to bring their soul mate, back online, and quickly corrects himself, by saying, "back to life". Wanda denies being capable of such a feat, so Hayward denies Wanda's appeal. She states Vision is all she has, and Hayward replies, that Vision isn't hers. He then witnesses, Wanda, use her powers to smash the glass separating them from the laboratory, and lower herself to Vision's body. A group of S.W.O.R.D. personel, aim their weapons at Wanda, but Hayward requests that they fall back, so she can see him for herself. After she does so, she leaves.

WandaVision - 1x04 - We Interrupt This Program - Darcy and Woo.jpg

Approximately three weeks after the Blip occurred, Monica sets up a meeting with Hayward at the S.W.O.R.D. Headquarters, and is the first agent to report back to him, following the mass resurrection of the Blip victims. When he finds Monica being refused entry, he heads to the security guard, and asks whether he knows who she is. He greets her, and makes a remark on how she hasn't aged a day, while she in return, claims he looks "old as hell". The two catch up, and Hayward updates Monica on the operations of S.W.O.R.D., during her absence. He acknowledges the awkwardness of the situation, believing Monica should have been there to name her mothers replacement, but Monica reassures him, that he was the right man for the job. Hayward assigns Monica a missing persons case in Westview, New Jersey, and when she questions why, he explains to her that she's grounded to terrestrial missions, on Maria's protocols, as she implemented guidelines, in the event vanished personnel ever returned. He points out that the silver lining is that Maria believed Monica would return. While Monica investigates Westview, she goes missing. Westview is impenetrable, due to an energy field, acting as a barrier, and a S.W.O.R.D. Response Base, is set up, outside the town to help locate her, and the missing residents. He organises a rescue mission, in which Agent Franklin, is sent through the sewer system, to get into the town, and requests he be kept updated. While this is being conducted, Jimmy Woo discloses he is uncomfortable with the mission, explaining they have no reason to believe the perimeter doesn't extend subterraneously, while Hayward argues there's no reason to suspect it does. Woo adds they don't know enough about the nature of the threat to send in another agent, when the first is yet to return, and Hayward sarcastically remarks that someone must miss him at Quantico. While going through data with Agent Rodriguez, Hayward overhears laughter, coming from a screen, and asks about the source. He is brought to Darcy Lewis's work desk, where he sees Wanda Maximoff and Vision as the subjects of a 1950s black and white sitcom. He asks where her footage originates from, she reveals it to be from Westview, but she is unable to give any substantial answers on how it is occurring. She reveals to him, her equipment detected a high level of CMBR and entwined was a broadcast frequency, which she connected with an old television set, granting her sound and picture. Following this revelation, he demands transport to the S.W.O.R.D. Headquarters.

Hayward manages to find a way, to look through the boundary, but neglects to tell his team. When Monica is expelled from Westview, Hayward has her brought in for questioning, to see what she's learnt, and keeps an analysis on her blood work. He also begins tracking the decay signature of vibranium, coming from Vision.

The agents turn against Hayward.png

Hayward gives a briefing to his team, assessing a clearer picture of their crisis. He labels Wanda Maximoff as the principle victimizer, and he and Woo briefly share her history with everyone. Woo and Rambeau come into disagreement with Hayward, on Wanda's status and true intentions, with the latter believing in her innocence, which he disagrees with. He brings up a visual of classified footage, from nine days ago, showcasing Wanda, in the S.W.O.R.D Headquarters. He lies, and tells his team that she broke into the top secret location of Vision's corpse, and took him with her, before she resurrected him; a violation of the Sokovia Accords. He adds on, this was also against Vision's own living will, and Wanda in her grief, disregarded his wishes. He ends the briefing, and dismisses his staff, while they continue to work. As Westview's reality has now reached the 1980s, Monica suggests to Hayward, they fly an imaging drone, into the town, that utilizes technology from that decade to prevent it from changing. Hayward agrees, but without her knowledge, has it primed with a missile. While Monica flies the drone into Westview, Hayward asks if there's a chance they can sharpen the visuals. They manage to locate Wanda, who is outside of her home, with her sons, and Monica attempts to open communication with her. When Wanda doesn't reply, Hayward orders for Monica's control to overridden, and has a missile fired at her, to Monica's shock. At that moment, the alarms go off in the base, and a breach is reported. The transmission for Wanda's sitcom is put on stand, and Hayward and everyone else rush otuside, to see what triggered the alarm. Hayward is surrounded by a group of armed S.W.O.R.D. personnel, all aiming towards the Hex, and Wanda Maximoff steps out of it, holding the missile fired, while sporting her superhero uniform, and her Sokovian accent. She questions whether its Hayward's, and throws it by his feet. He claims it was a precaution, and that she can hardly blame them. She warns them to stay out of her home, and if they font bother her, she wont bother them, but Hayward refuses, stating shes holding an entire town hostage. Monica tries to reason with her, but to no avail. Monica asks what she wants, but Wanda claims she already has everything she wants, and won't have it taken from her again. She uses powers of mind control,, on the armed S.W.O.R.D. men, and they all turn on Hayward directly aiming at him. He orders them to stand down, but they are unable to cooperate, until she walks through the Hex, back into town, and they become free from her powers of mind control.

WandaVision - 1x06 - All-New Halloween Spooktacular! - Hayward.png

Following his confrontation with Wanda, Hayward returns to the base, and orders an analysis on the missile, Wanda threw back at him, as it contains residue, of her powers. Monica berates him, for his actions, but Hayward uses it as an excuse to learn what they're dealing with. As he walks by, Darcy makes a retort about him, and he questions whether she works for him. She replies that she doesn't know, and Monica jumps in, and says she's with her. Hayward sarcastically replies asks who the sassy best friend is, and Woo chides him, for arguing with his colleagues, when he's about to start a war he can't win. Hayward believes Maximoff was never going to negotiate with them, and killing her is the best option, but Monica argues that they remain ignorant of the consequences, both they, and the citizens of Westview face, if she were to die. Hayward refuses to surrender, to the Hex, and Monica tries to argue, that Wanda, may be the solution to their problem. Hayward reprimands her, for constantly advocating on the behalf of super-powered individuals, and brings up her history with Carol Danvers. He argues that she, as well the other victims of the Snap, still have the luxury of optimism, and remain ignorant about the struggles he faced, following their absence. Monica labels him a coward, for using the past five years as an excuse for his actions, and he expresses that it might be good, that she was absent when her mother died, as Monica doesn't have the stomach for the job. He then has her dismissed off the base, along with Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo. When Hayward receives data, that Vision is on the outskirts of Westview, he orders his men to move out. They stand in front of the energy field, and watch as Vision struggles to break free, and escape. He remarks that Vision really does want out, and continues to watch, as Vision begins falling apart, and dying. Suddenly, the Hex begins to expand, and Hayward orders his team to leave. He gets into a car, which drives off, before the Hex can absorb them in, and Hayward tries contacting his other men, who have been trapped.

A S.W.O.R.D. Temporary Retreat is based, eight miles outside Westview, the following day. Haward approaches Agent Rodrguez, who is staring at the Hex. She comments on how they're lucky the Hex stopped expanding, and Hayward sarcastically agrees with her. He questions Rodriguez about the broadcast, and she informs him, the signal is gone. Hayward instructs her to make sure sure the team has everything they need, as they launch today.

Later on, an agent tells Hayward that the team is ready to launch. He enters a tent, and looks upon Vision's newly constructed body, telling Rodriguez that they took it apart, and put it back together a million times. He points to the missile, containing remnants of Wanda's powers, which was used to power the new Vision, and upon his orders, they bring him back online. Hayward watches Vision transforms white, as the power surges through his body, and he awakens.

WandaVision - 1x09 - The Series Finale - Hayward Arrested.png

White Vision is released, and sent through the Hex, where he battles with Vision. Hayward keeps track of this, on a computer, when his men bring in Jimmy Woo, who was caught nearby. While trying to process the information online, Jimmy states he won't be able to keep his actives secret, but Hayward replies that because Wanda cancelled her sitcom, there is no footage to prove that there are two Visions. Woo points out that there is evidence against him but Hayward believes no one will care, once Wanda is eliminated, and that people will believe that the Vision who returns from the fight, will be the same one she brought back illegally. He imagines he'll be thanked for recovering a valuable asset and jokingly states Jimmy could be part of his hypothetical victory, had he a little more "vision". Jimmy claims that his associates from the FBI object to his methods, and are set to arrive within an hour, but Hayward doesn't believe him, and has him put out of sight. When Wanda begins lowering the Hex, he announces to his team that it's time to enter, and they successfully infiltrate the town, before the Hex is brought back up. Hayward and his men locate Wanda, accompanied by Vision, and her two children. Wanda and Vision leave to fight off their respective enemies, and Hayward watches as the twins disarm his men. He steps out of his vehicle and proceeds to shoot them, but Monica quickly jumps in front of them, and the bullets pass through her, exiting her body without their momentum, and leaving her unharmed. He shoots his last bullet, directly towards Billy, but he manages to telekinetically catch it, before he is injured. Hayward runs out of ammunition, and returns to car, to back up, so he can run them over. Before he has a chance to move forward, Darcy Lewis crashes an ice cream truck into him, to prevent him from moving, and tells him to have fun in prison. The Hex is eventually brought down, and Jimmy's men arrive, to arrest Hayward.


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