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Disney's Magic Artist Studio is a 1999 Disney CD-ROM game featuring Mickey Mouse and his friends.

Product Description

Disney's Magic Artist Studio lets you draw, paint, and create animations with your favorite Disney characters. Create, animate, and print your images with tools and paints that burst onto your screen. Roses sprout from your canvas, and butterflies soar through 3-D paintings virtually dripping with color. Disney character images dance to disco, rock, classical, and island beats.

Let the magic of Disney bring your art to life. State-of-the-art technology lets you draw with 3-D art tools, learn the basics of animation, and create animated musical scenes of your favorite Disney characters. It's the next step in art fun where your creative possibilities are endless.

Loads of fun, this sequel to the 1996 program lets children paint with a variety of creative new tools, including textured and moving paint, an electric toothbrush, chalk, markers and more. One cool new tool, the Image Launcher, tosses things like kitchen sinks and water bombs at the canvas. Other features include animated stickers and a step-by-step tutorial on animation. Artwork can be saved and viewed as a sketchbook or as a musical slideshow. It still takes awhile to figure out how all the functions work, but overall, this version seems easier to use than the first.