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Disney's Phonics Quest is a 2001 Disney educational computer game featuring Sorcerer Mickey and his friends in medieval times.

Product Description

Disney's Phonics Quest challenges kids to enhance and master their phonics skills while taking a magical journey with Mickey and his friends. Using state-of-the-art voice recognition technology, kids will actually beable to speak their answers out loud as they master a variety of phonics-based, multilevel learning activities. Kids will join Mickey on a quest as the sorcerer's apprentice to uncover the magic of phonics fun. Mickey's quest begins as he opens the sorcerer's magic book and loses six of the Sorcerer's belongings. As each challenge is mastered, Mickey regainsone of the Sorcerer's belongings so he can eventually return in triumph tothe castle. Unfortunately, sluggish games spoil the great music and Disney graphics in this collection of six phonics activities. Mickey has lost some pages of a magic book. His "quest" is to play six different games to get the pages back. For example, in Duckbill Printin' Press, Mickey helps Donald in his reading lessons by selecting words that sound the same. Strengths include a bookmarking feature, so that a child can continue a game from day to day. The record keeping system is detailed, and the program allows children to change levels on the fly. The game's primary weakness is that the actual problem solving is bogged down by the narration. Also, children have no idea how long they must work before they get the prize. Our final gripe is that while voice recognition is advertised on the box, we were unable to get it working. In sum, several of the games are unique, and the concepts covered are well selected, but this is not one of those programs your kids will ask to play. Join Mickey on a quest as The Sorcerer's Apprentice to uncover the magic of phonics fun! Children will learn about Letter Sounds & Recognition, Vowel Sounds, Consonant Blends, Vowel Digraphs, Syllable Recognition, Word Building, Spelling, Multiple Pronunciations, Reading Comprehension, Rhymes, and more!


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