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Disney's World of English is a English Language Learning (ELL) program for children 0-7 that uses Disney characters and stories. 

Disney's World of English encourages children to learn English in a natural way through a substantial interconnected program of DVDs, CDs, picture books, talk along flash cards, songs, toys, and activities.

First developed in the 1970's by World Family English , a long-term Walt Disney Productions and The Walt Disney Company licensee. Introduced and well known throughout Japan, the program is currently marketed in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong/Macau, and South Korea.

Disney's World of English Components

  • Sing Along!
  • Talk Along Cards and player
  • Straight-play
  • Step By Step
  • Books and CDs
  • Fun With Words (OID-enabled)
  • Fun and Games (OID-enabled)
  • Fun and Adventures (OID-enhanced)
  • Let's Play
  • Question and Answer Cards
  • Play Along! (for children 0-3)


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