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DisneyLife was a streaming service for content owned only by The Walt Disney Company (and its subsidiaries), launched in 2015 for smart devices available in the United Kingdom and in the Philippines in May 2018.

The app acts as a streaming service for Disney movies and television series, and also includes access to official soundtracks, digital storybooks, and games.

Before its launch, Disney movies were widely available on Netflix in Europe and the UK, as they were in the United States. This distribution ceased when DisneyLife launched, with the exception of Marvel Television content.

In June 2018, Legend of the Three Caballeros was the first series released in the Philippines on DisneyLife before it was released in the United Kingdom. It is presented as the only DisneyLife original series, since Disney+ distributes exclusive content as of 2019.

In the Philippines, it was shut down on April 1, 2020.

DisneyLife was replaced by Disney+ in the UK and Ireland on March 24, 2020. It was announced that it would be no longer available from April 23, 2020, and was effectively shut down on April 24, 2020 at midnight UTC+1.

Some technical details[]

DisneyLife had all videos encoded in a 1080p and 720p HD version. Very often, especially on older content, these were upscaled. This is obvious, because for some shows/seasons/movies it is well-known that no HD version exists. The upscaled "HD" video editions aren't notably better in quality than the SD versions from respective other sources.

That said, a lot of new content, especially 2011 onwards — which is approx. the time when HD became "a thing" in the U.S. — actually has an HD version available.

But even that being so, it doesn't mean that DisneyLife's encodings (the quality versions it offers) would be based on a Full HD version, even if one exists, meaning sometimes you would get a 1080p video that was upscaled from a 720p HD version.

Also, DisneyLife - like similar services, such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix - had DRM installed for content protection.

Under normal circumstances, DisneyLife's video quality doesn't beat the quality provided by Disney+, Netflix, or Amazon (Video/Prime Video) where available.

Certain contents aren't available on Disney+ in the UK region, at launch of the new service, but were previously already available there via DisneyLife; Violetta and Penny on M.A.R.S. both being examples.

Content available (at the time of the shutdown - in the UK)[]

This list is not entirely exhaustive, though it does cover the entire relevant sections: Movies & TV Shows. Shorts, Disney's short video clips/snippets, are not listed; the (main) author of this section has no record of those.



1 Big City Greens: The internal API (data fetched by the browser while loading the page) returned 28 seasons on the series page but only one (with 19 episodes) on the overview (for all series) page; however, none of the episodes were visible on the show's DisneyLife page, so for none of them could playback be commenced.

2 With only E61 missing from S1 at the time of the shutdown and S3 being incomplete (only 50% available - up until S3E40) and when asked via Twitter - a member of DisneyLife's social media team (as to be expected) didn't mention any specific reason (and merely restated facts that the episode "just wasn't available on DisneyLife" and then stating that the episode is, in fact, available on Disney+)[1]



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