This article is about the cancelled theme park. For the theme park located at Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan, see Tokyo DisneySea.

DisneySea was a cancelled theme park designed by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts planned to open at the Port Disney complex in Long Beach, California. Port Disney was part of the "Disney Decade" expansion plan in the 1990s as a proposed alternative by WestCOT to add a "second gate" to the Disneyland Resort complex in Anaheim, California.


After concept plans for DisneySea were unveiled on July 31, 1990, Disney distributed a pamphlet detailing plans for the park to locals in September 1991, with a goal of educating attendees to gain firsthand experience of how the oceans affect human life as well as the life of the planet. However, these plans were later cancelled in favor of the WestCOT plan, which was pursued on the site of the former Disneyland parking lot, now known as Disney California Adventure. Some of the concepts proposed for DisneySea were used for Tokyo DisneySea, which opened on September 4, 2001.

Proposed Lands


A two-story aquarium, called Oceana, was intended to be the park's centerpiece. Its purpose was educational, allowing guests to experience recreations of marine habitats through interactive displays.

Future Research Center

This center was planned to feature interactive exhibits and a working laboratory within Oceana similar to The Living Seas pavilion and The Land pavilion at Walt Disney World's Epcot.

Mysterious Island

Mysterious Island was one of the themed lands, featuring the Pirate Island and Nemo's Lava Cruiser attractions and rides. A revised version of Mysterious Island, including the planned volcano, was eventually built at Tokyo DisneySea.

Heroes' Harbor

Heroes' Harbor (later renamed to Hero's Harbor) was planned to explore the stories behind legendary and mythical adventurers, with an entrance through Aqua-labyrinth, a maze whose walls were made of water.

Boardwalk and Fleets of Fantasy

A boardwalk and amusement rides reminiscent of The Pike would be built adjacent to Fleets of Fantasy, featuring rides and dining onboard historical replica ships. Elements of both were later incorporated as the American Waterfront land at Tokyo DisneySea, including the SS Columbia moored in the American Waterfront's New York Harbor, similar to how RMS Queen Mary would have been relocated as a focal element of DisneySea. Paradise Gardens Park at Disney California Adventure also includes representative California beach/boardwalk amusement rides.

Venture Reefs

Other planned themed environments featured cultures with strong ties to the water and a shark-diving experience. At the time, these attractions did not have a name, but they were later collectively named Venture Reefs in the 1991 Port Disney News. Shark Reef, an attraction at Typhoon Lagoon at Walt Disney World, also featured snorkeling and shark interactions at saltwater reefs.

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