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Disney Adventures was a monthly magazine published by The Walt Disney Company from 1990 to 2007. It was targeted mainly at grade-school kids, but contained items of general interest to fans of Disney productions, as well as fans of various entertainment media, alongside calendars, comics, polling and other features. Disney Adventures tended to be an inclusive magazine, often featuring information about films and TV shows by rival companies, such as DreamWorks and Nickelodeon. Major feature films such as the Star Wars, Harry Potter, Shrek, and The Chronicles of Narnia franchises, also received coverage.

On August 21, 2007, Disney announced that after 17 years, Disney Adventures would be cancelled. The last issue was dated November 2007.


A regular feature of the magazine throughout its run was comic book stories. For the first eighteen issues, the comics were placed in different spots between articles and columns in each issue. Starting from the May 1992 issue, the comics were consolidated into a single section, labeled the Comic Zone in the January 1995 issue. However, from May 1992 to November 1994, most issues had one story run at an earlier point in the issue as a "Feature Comic". The "Feature Comic" idea was dropped as a regular feature afterward, but reappeared occasionally in later issues.

Early on, the magazine's comics were mainly based off of animated Disney properties, particularly the shows aired on the Disney Afternoon. Comic stories starring Roger Rabbit were also a regular feature in the magazine until the May 1993 issue (though much of the Roger Rabbit stories in the magazine's first year were reprints of stories from the regular Roger Rabbit comic book that was running at the time). Another early recurring feature in the comics were "Big Adventures" comics, which were original stories themed around whichever topic was the subject in the "Big Adventures" column that month. Starting in 1996, the magazine also began publishing new comic stories based on older Disney animated features, often to tie in with new video releases that the films themselves were receiving.

Disney properties that were adapted as comics in Disney Adventures included:

Many of the Disney Afternoon-based comics in Disney Adventures from 1990 to 1992 were reprinted in the comic digest Disney's Colossal Comics Collection. Unfortunately, due to that digest being cancelled when Disney Comics was shut down in May 1993, many of the stories published since then have never been reprinted.

While comics based on the animated Disney properties remained a regular feature of the magazine in the 1990s, it was not to last. In the second half of the magazine's lifespan, comics based on later cartoons such as Teacher's Pet, Kim Possible, and The Replacements appeared sporadically, and often did not run longer than four pages.

As early as 1993, Disney Adventures also included independent comics with little to no relation to the Walt Disney Company itself. These included such comics as LEGO comics, William Van Horn's Nervous Rex, excerpts from Jeff Smith's Bone (which were censored to cut out family-unfriendly scenes), and short stories from The Simpsons comic book (notably, two stories were actually published in Disney Adventures before being printed in Simpsons Comics itself).

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